Tile Sales Beat Projections for 2018 0

Despite claims of a slowing real estate market, granite and marble sales exceeded forecasts made by industry analysts for the 2018 fiscal year. Experts are also surprised that increased tariffs on Chinese imports did not seem to have an impact on the overall market.

Big box retailers and e-commerce stores across America are taking notice of the increased demand. is even making plans to dramatically increase inventory for the 2019 fiscal year.

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The increased demand may be easy to explain. There is now a consensus among real estate investors and home buyers that natural stone increases property value. Homeowners preference for natural stone is especially seen in high-end real estate markets. In luxury markets such as Aspen and Boca Raton, it is nearly impossible to find a home without natural stone tiles.

Natural Stone for Ski Houses

Natural Stone for Ski Houses 0

These elegant natural-looking structures come in different building materials and heating equipment that may keep the room temperature at bay. Over 80% of ski houses in Park City are designed with natural stone tiles, blended with glass walls and log structures.
Tariffs Don’t Impact Prices for U.S. Granite Tile Market

Tariffs Don’t Impact Prices for U.S. Granite Tile Market 0

Despite recent implementations of new tariffs and increased import duties, market research studies that the retail tile industry is expected to expand further in 2019 and many years after.