5 Ways to Maximize Granite Countertop ROI

5 Ways to Maximize Granite Countertop ROI

Home remodeling isn't just a valuable investment for residential owners but also a primary objective to improve daily living. It definitely increases the retail value of your property while adding more comfort, functionality, and aesthetics to any living space. But sometimes, replacing an old countertop may potentially give you a greater advantage should you decide to enlist your existing property for sale.


Any home renovation is more than welcome for interested home buyers as well as property agents. According to real estate experts, many potential clients consider certain areas at home that are frequently used such as kitchen, bathroom, and outdoor spaces when visiting an open house. Some buyers are looking for "move-in ready" houses, so installing granite countertop could be a good strategy to attract them. Therefore, it is best to focus on improving these areas, not only aiming for better utilization of home spaces but also for higher ROI in the future.


Though granite materials may only provide you limited color options, this elegant igneous rock can offer a wide range of patterns, sizes, thickness and finishes to satisfy your project needs. Here are five simple ways to help you maximize the potential ROI of your granite countertop once you decide to go for it.


1. Verify other active home listings around your neighborhood that feature granite countertops


Real estate brokers recommend interested home sellers to check their current vicinity if comparable homes around them also have granite countertops. It's a wise decision to install granite countertops during remodeling or renovation before you sell the property. In this way, you can establish a competitive price for your home and possibly attract more agents and buyers.


In fact, newly-renovated areas, including an installation of new materials and equipment, can justify a higher list price which makes your property more profitable. However, it could be more difficult to sell the property if the comparable homes in the area don't feature granite countertops that much. That's because adding some materials that are not commonly used at certain locations could make your house more expensive than other homes for sale.


2. Complement your existing cabinetry with neutral colors and patterns.


Granite countertops often offer black, gray, brown and other earth color variations, making them highly versatile for both interior and exterior applications. For sure, creating beautiful color contrast using neutral palettes will help increase the retail value of your property. Home buyers prefer a neutral color application to balance the bold and dull appearances of any home space.


For example, if your kitchen has lighter wood patterns or white cabinets, combine them with dark gray or green to create a stunning contrast. As an alternative, you can opt for light-colored countertops like beige or cream if you want to use dark wood cabinets either pre-fabricated or painted on site. This principle is applicable to all home spaces that may contain countertops.


3. Consider installing granite countertops at every home space.


Granite is one of the most beautiful natural stones you can find on the market today. It provides you a durable working space where you can enjoy doing all daily activities with ease. This natural stone also creates a unique accent that easily complements the natural beauty of your walls, floors and existing furniture.


Granite is a suitable option as a countertop material in various locations including indoor kitchen, hallway, bathroom, and vanity tops. Also expect your living area, dining room, and specific outdoor spaces to increase their retail value once you decide to use granite on them. In home renovation, the kitchen is considered the most important space since people always spend a lot of quality time preparing meals and enjoying chatting with family members. This is why home owners are paying more attention to the kitchen for their pivotal role in social gatherings and family life.


Installing granite countertops will always be a smart move whether your dream kitchen is inclined towards modern, contemporary or transitional style. It's a good way to achieve a high-end appearance for your kitchen without compromising quality and overall renovation cost. You may also consider this natural stone in bathroom vanity tops, dirty kitchen countertops, garden fountain, bathtubs, coffee table, home bar, and side tables.


4. Opt for a polished granite for the easier maintenance task


There are a number of granite tile finishes you can choose for your countertops, but the polished one seems to be the appropriate choice. A polished finish has a reflective or shiny appearance that will make your favorite home spaces look interesting. Aside from this, the material finish is less porous, so cleaning the tiles will be easier. In contrast, flamed and honed granite finishes may require additional efforts to maintain their exquisite beauty though they add a distinctive character on your countertops.


Proper granite tile maintenance, including dealing, should be performed on a regular basis to keep the tiles in a pristine condition. You can prevent visible stains if you select darker granite instead of beige or cream since granite countertops are often exposed to heat, acid, and moisture. For a heavily-used kitchen, the countertop should be installed with granite patterns with less complexity as they will only show fewer stains.


Apply sealants at least once a year to maintain tile and grout smoothness. However, sealants should be more frequently applied if your granite stone is heavily exposed to large chemical spills.


5. Coordinate with professional installers and long-standing manufacturers only


If you're aspiring to have your granite countertops look perfect, let the professionals handle the work for you. They will be prone to wastage, cracks, and stains if the granite countertops are not installed correctly. Fortunately, the internet is now offering useful recommendations on where to find your suitable contractor nearest you. You can read some reviews and suggestions from previous clients to help you select the best option available.


Granite countertops will never go out of style regardless of the home design you want. Before you decide to use granite finishes for your countertop, consult a property agent you can find within your neighborhood to find out the latest trends in the real estate market. Make sure to select the style that will improve the overall appearance of your living spaces using different combinations of bold and neutral colors.

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