8 Various Uses of Granite at Home

8 Various Uses of Granite at Home

We all love things that are versatile and useful in so many ways from clothes, shoes, bags, appliances, or even other natural materials such as plants, rocks, or liquids. When it comes to building or construction, there is a material which is not only famous but a favorite among the rest. Granite is one of the igneous rock on Earth that’s common, and it’s famous not just for one but other many reasons. It is known that granite costs a fortune excluding labor and installation but what makes it so popular is not surprising at all.

There are many who prefer using granite in their homes and even business establishments! It is true that purchasing granite and using it in homes and other construction sites is costly and it may range from $50 to $200 per square foot which includes installation fees. Added to this is the fact that granite has extra slabs that need cutting to fit the desired shape of the construction area. So, a way to go frugal is to choose a set of granite that has thinner slabs. You may use and buy ¾-inch-thick stones rather than taking the common slabs with at 1 ¼-inches of thickness.

 Is it worthy for its price?

Many may think that this price range is actually “too much” for building new homes or renovating old ones, but you might want to rethink that. It is factual that other materials are cheaper and also appealing like granite. They also have a wide variety of colors, designs, and patterns but what you are getting from granite is so much worth it. The money you will invest with granite is sure to last even a lifetime, saving at least 20% to 30% from renovating damages and maintenance. Add to this the unique and elegant beauty granite can provide to your home or office spaces. We have been mentioning its dominance to homes but are we aware of how useful granite is in achieving our “home-sweet-home goals”? Well, you are about to see it here!

Granite in Homes

Versatility and beauty become one in granite. You can easily see the reason why granite can be used in various parts of our homes. From the receiving area, patio, foyer, kitchen, bathroom the list can be endless! Even if it’s pricy, you are sure that it will be utilized in a very good way. Below are the top uses of granite inside our homes:

1.      Kitchen countertops

Love cooking like a chef on television? You bet’ya! Because granite is an extremely fine and perfect material for kitchen countertops! Here are the reasons why. First, granite is a “natural” rock, meaning you are definitely saving your food from landing on toxic countertops. Granite is safe on food with no toxicity rate because it came from Mother Earth! Second, it is undeniably elegant and artistic in design and colors. You can choose from white, grey, blue, black, and it even has a salmon pink shade! Isn’t that cool? But wait, there’s more to granite than these facts. Granite, as superior as it is, is stain proof so you can go ahead and explore with your cooking and ingredients! This igneous rock is always landing as kitchen countertops as it is also heat resistant. If you are still not convinced, then we are sure you are lost!

2.      Bathroom Vanity Tops

You’re so vain; you think this song is about you… but if you are talking about bathroom vanity tops well, it really is about you! We want to give ourselves the best self-care we deserve and so having the prettiest bathroom vanity top with the help of granite is just the perfect T-fit. Since it is stain proof and spill proof when sealed properly (be sure to hire professional installers, okay!), getting obsessed with your vanity top is now justifiable. Because it is less susceptible to damage, rest assured that it can last longer compared to selecting other materials. Granite also comes in intricate and abstract-like designs and color combinations- you can rely on its beauty to match your desired bathroom vanity tops concept!

3.      Flooring (including bathroom flooring)

Granite’s all over the house! Yes, we can’t blame ourselves for letting this happen because it’s just so convenient, smooth, fine, and elegant. Allergic to bacteria? Well, granite can help on protecting you from such dirt because it is bacteria resistant! Amazing, right?

4.      Fireplace mantel

Fire is powerful and so is granite. Well-mounted granite as fireplaces is breathtakingly attractive. It’s an ideal centerpiece for the living room especially if you live in cold places. Thinking about building a home in Switzerland, Aspen, or the woods? Why not put a granite fireplace for it? Remember: it is heat resistant!

5.      Backsplash

Nothing is better than a waterproof, stain proof, and chemical proof backsplash. Oops, isn’t granite all of that? You guess that right! You can extend you granite material from your flooring, kitchen countertops up to the backsplash! It is durable as always, so it saves you from spending on renovating or fixing.

6.      Walkways

Hello, Hollywood Walk of Fame! Yes, it’s made from granite! Aside from that, decomposed granite emits a natural aura to patios, paths, even driveways. It is trendy among homeowners. Granite is organic, and crushed ones are good for such walkways because it also serves as drainage during the wet season since it is not solid material.

7.      Garden edging

Granite doesn’t only fit inside your home but outside, too! It’s a great material for garden edging as it’s natural rock, plants will benefit from it. Added to that is its naturalistic designs and prints, making sure your plants, flowers, and other garden displays will match it effortlessly.

8.      Shelves

Are you shocked? Well, yes, granite can be on your shelves, too! Since it is stain proof, you can go ahead and display almost everything you can fit in a shelf. And because the surface is smooth, it’s easy to clean and maintain no need to wipe it every now & then!

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