Tips for Designing L-Shaped Kitchen

Tips for Designing L-Shaped Kitchen

The L-shaped kitchen is one of the popular designs that are adaptable to any size of the kitchen. You can easily create a spacious walkway while allowing you to socialize and move from one zone to another.


Learning the basic design of an L-shaped kitchen layout

An L-shaped kitchen features two adjacent countertops backed against the corner wall, which forms a perpendicular angle, with one leg shorter than the other. In other designs, one countertop is set against the wall, and the other leg is extending outwards, which creates a peninsula.


This layout may require at least 90 square feet, including the moving space, but you may begin with 54 square feet if your house isn't that big. All appliances, counter space, and cabinets work together in an L-shaped configuration to maximize kitchen space. The refrigerator is normally placed at the end counter of either side, and the kitchen sink should be installed near to it.


The L-shaped kitchen main benefits

An L-shaped kitchen configuration utilizes the available space from two adjacent walls for storage, which makes it ideal for open-plan living. It enhances the spacious feel while providing you more access to other living zones close to the kitchen. You can turn an L-shaped kitchen into a U-shaped plan through connecting a kitchen island at one leg. Alternatively, it can also be modified to create a multifunctional space where family members can gather easily.


Though not as efficient as the U-shaped configuration, the L-shaped kitchen still applies the principles of the work triangle. You can expect cooking to feel natural with proper spacing between your sink, fridge, and cooking range. Wall cabinets on both sides offer plenty of storage while keeping the rest of your worktops organized and clutter-free. For a small kitchen, tall cabinets can be installed in this configuration, which may provide ample storage for your essential appliances.


Adaptable to different kinds of finishes

An L-shaped kitchen is suitable to all kinds of design theme whether you like it rustic, contemporary or modern. Off-white cabinets and black granite flooring give your L-shaped kitchen a great contemporary feel, while hardwood flooring and matt cabinets can provide it an astounding rustic environment. How about combining red bricks walls with black granite countertop to give your L-shaped layout an elegant oriental appearance?


General Layout tips for an L-shaped kitchen

An L-shaped kitchen configuration significantly improves the traffic flow, particularly in locations where space is limited. This two-sided kitchen plan is able to connect two individual spaces, especially if only one leg is lined up along the walls. Limited counter space seems to be the major drawback of this design, but can be resolved with an ample amount of storage to keep those cooking essentials within reach. Utilize the base cabinets to keep some kitchen appliances like a small freezer or dishwasher.


Maintain an efficient work triangle, where the fridge, cooking oven, and sink should only be eight feet apart or shorter. No clear distance for work aisle is required if you don't have an island, but the kitchen should be at least 12 feet away from the dining zone. Now, if you position a kitchen island at one leg, a 4-feet work aisle is recommended for ease of traffic movement. The kitchen island shouldn't have overhead cabinets or ceiling-mounted racks to reduce cramped spaces.


Layout tips for a Double L-shaped kitchen

The double L-shaped kitchen involves having an L-shaped kitchen layout on one corner and an L-shaped island on the opposing corner, forming a rectangular shape. This configuration enables you to create privacy, ample storage, and work counters with enough moving space inside. However, the layout may seem expansive, which can only be used in bigger, open-type kitchens. Consider adding a 4-seater breakfast table if the interior space of your double L-shaped kitchen measures at least 144 square feet.


L-shaped kitchen with island

Since an L-shaped kitchen is suitable in most open plan layout, it offers plenty of spaces to add a functional kitchen island to expedite your cooking process. The additional counter space allows for more storage options while giving you the opportunity to accommodate family and guests. You may experiment on various surface materials, particularly the countertop, as the island can work as your primary focal point of the kitchen. Materials like natural stone, laminate, and engineered stone easily complement any L-shaped kitchen style.


On one leg, you can place the primary sink and dishwasher as your cleaning zone. On the adjacent leg, position the cooktop and microwave as well as other small appliances like toaster and juicer and then establish your kitchen island as your main countertop. To add glamour to your kitchen, you may incorporate a raised bar top and under-counter food storage and wine cellar on your kitchen island. The lower counter next to the raised bar top makes it an ideal preparation zone, which effectively conceals your kitchen mess.


Another design is to install the cooktop on the island, which is suitable for individuals who don't like having their backs toward anyone. This approach enables them to see everything in full view while allowing a free flow of conversation.


Broken L-shaped kitchen

The L-shaped kitchen is considered the best practical solution for an open plan living without removing the sense of privacy of other living zones. This is often matched with an island, which offers plenty of opportunities for entertaining guest and dining space. However, there's such a thing called "excessive" counter space, which can make an L-shaped kitchen look boring and cluttered. The "broken" L-shaped kitchen resolves this problem by cutting off excess counter space and adding them somewhere near the kitchen.


Consider placing a tall china cabinet at one leg of the L-shaped kitchen for an additional storage option. Another idea is to install the kitchen sink on the island, particularly if you don't have enough room for a sink on neither of the legs. Though these may add some costs, ceiling racks are another option if you want to free up some space in the base cabinets. You may also break up an L-shaped kitchen with a doorway leading to another room, screens, glass murals, and imposing finishes like granite floors and red brick walls.


The designs for an L-shaped kitchen have lots of variations in terms of style, material application, and space planning. Indeed, this flexible kitchen plan gives you the ability to organize storage and counter space without disrupting the traffic flow within the kitchen.

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