The Pros and Cons of Granite Tile

The Pros and Cons of Granite Tile

Many homebuilders are slowly falling in love with the luxury and beauty that granite tiles bring. Its grandeur and magnificent finish simply brings out a new character to any home.


It's a versatile material that can be used in a bathroom, kitchen countertop, wall tile, and backsplash. Let's not forget that they can also be used as granite tile flooring for bathroom, kitchens, and hallways. Because of its smooth finish, many homebuilders equate this material to sophistication and luxury.


So if you're building your new home or doing some renovation, you should consider granite tiles as one of your materials. Just like with any endeavors though, it's important that you weigh its pros and cons. You can't just take a leap of faith and end up regretting that you have made a bad decision and realized that granite tiles are not for you. Let's take a deeper look and know its advantages and disadvantages.




Aesthetically Pleasant


One of the reasons why granite flooring remains the favorite choice of many homeowners is its aesthetic benefits. Having them on your home is simply a sight to behold. It speaks sophistication and elegance.


This mottled and unique pattern comes in a variety of styles and colors. You can easily mix tiles in different styles and colors to achieve that customized look for your home. Its dreamy high gloss finish instantly brightens up any room.


It Offers Exceptional Durability


Another granite feature that makes it an excellent choice is its high durability.


It's one of the hardest natural stone floor tile so you can have the peace of mind that this material will last longer compared to its other counterparts. It's resistant to cracking and scratches so with just a little care and maintenance; your granite tiles will last a lifetime. Gone are the days that you have to worry for every little scratch or stain that falls on your countertop. Granite tile floor can withstand wear and tear, so it's perfect to be placed in high-traffic areas.


It is Long Lasting


With durability comes the benefit of longevity.


Since granite tiles are strong and durable, you're getting the most out of your money. You won't need to change your floors or countertops now and then. Along with proper care and maintenance, you're confident that even your grandchildren can witness this beauty.


It's a Low Maintenance Material


If you want a flooring option that is not costly and high maintenance, granite tile is an excellent choice.


To keep the appearance and quality of your granite floor, you should sweep it regularly and use a damp mop and stone soap weekly. To maintain its smooth surface and color, reapplying a granite sealant periodically will do the trick. Also, make it a habit to wipe or clean your floor instantly when something is spilled or shattered on the floor.


The little care and attention that you give on your granite floor will go a long way.


It Increases the Value of Your Property


If you're renovating your home because you're planning to put it back on the market, using granite tiles will increase your home value. Because of its durability and excellent quality, your house will have a higher overall value. If you want to transform your house from blah to Nah without spending too much money, granite tiles are your safest route.


It’s Hypoallergenic


 Having a family member that has allergy or asthma can be hard and painful. You would need to be extra careful in choosing materials that will not trigger the allergy.


Using granite tiles can actually reduce the symptoms of asthma and allergy. Its hypoallergenic feature lessens the allergen that is present in the house.


Just like with any other house materials, make sure that you constantly wipe and clean granite tiles.


It Provides a Cooling Relief


Because of its porous nature, granite tiles offer a sweet relief during the hot season. It's a good conductor of heat, so when you step on it, it draws the heat out of your body. You'd feel instantly cool and refreshed.


Great for Outdoor Use


The use of granite tile is not only exclusive to indoor or interior flooring. Because it can withstand physical stress and pressure, they are also a great alternative to your exterior flooring. You can even use them for decorative purposes such as cladding, curbing and paving.






Granite tiles are one of the most expensive floorings on the market. It is considered to be even more expensive than marbles.


If you want something that is friendlier to the pocket, you can find lower grade granite stones, but they are not as durable and sturdy. There is also a commercial grade which is the cheapest type of granite flooring, but they are very thin and come in plain colors with noticeable faults.


Premium grade granite which offers the highest durability and smooth finish is quite pricey. You’ll have to spend at least $10 to $15 per sq. ft. At TilesForMyHome, we offer the lowest retail prices compared to other competitors.


Professional Installation Needed


If you’re a fan of DIY, you must know that installing granite tiles is not something that you can do by yourself. It’s a tedious work that requires the skill and expertise of professional installation.


Granite tiles are already pricey, not to mention the amount that you have to pay to have it professionally installed. Before going all the way with this plan, you must consider this money factor.


It’s a Heavy Material


The weight of a square foot granite tile with a .75-inch depth is about 12.8 pounds. Not all floors can support this weight. It’s essential that you seek the help of builders first and assess if your floor is suitable for granite tiles. Without proper assessment, improper installation can cause hairline cracks and other damages.


If money is not an issue for you, then going for granite tiles is a smart choice. Yes, you may initially spend more, but because the material is durable and can last a lifetime, every dollar is worth it.

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