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How to Care for Your Natural Stone Tiles? 0

We all know how beautiful the natural stone tiles are. Although they are not the easiest material for walls and flooring, but they add that classy and stylish touch to your space and deliver great quality assurance. Using natural stone tiles serves as one of the most rewarding decisions in terms of return on investment as these tiles are designed to increase the value of your property.

So, when you have installed these tiles at your property, these tips will help keep their appearance intact for longer:

Clean Them Regularly

If you don’t clean them, they will look old and shabby. This makes it important to clean natural stone tiles once a week. You may use the natural and chemical-free tile cleaners to remove and prevent grime, soap scum, water deposits, mildew, etc. from the tile. It will help maintain the same appearance on your walls.

Wipe Clean Water

If they’re installed in your bathroom, kitchen or toilet, then it is important to remove the excess water from the surface so the water isn’t able to damage their appearance. Every time you leave your toilet or bathroom, make sure to remove excess water on the walls with a squeegee. It allows you the stone to air dry faster, resulting in ensuring your bathroom has proper ventilation.

Remove Grout

Another important thing here is to remove excess grout from your natural stone tiles. To do it, you can use your normal toothbrush or soft nylon brush to remove grout. After you clean grout, make sure to rinse tiles with water and dry the grout with a clean, dry towel.

Keep Stone Sealed

Keeping your stones sealed prevents them from the water seepage and damage due to moisture. When you have a shower, the water may spill inside the tiles, which makes it important that the stones are well sealed. You may seal the stone carefully with stone sealer in small sections of no more than three square feet.

The above-mentioned tips may seem easy and normal, but using them may be a great choice to give your natural stone tiles a longer life and better appearance for years.