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5 Ways to Maximize Granite Countertop ROI

5 Ways to Maximize Granite Countertop ROI 0

Any home renovation is more than welcome for interested home buyers as well as property agents. According to real estate experts, many potential clients consider certain areas at home that are frequently used such as kitchen, bathroom, and outdoor spaces when visiting an open house. Some buyers are looking for "move-in ready" houses, so installing granite countertop could be a good strategy to attract them. Therefore, it is best to focus on improving these areas, not only aiming for better utilization of home spaces but also for higher ROI in the future.
20 Popular Vanity Tops

20 Popular Vanity Tops 0

The year 2019 seems to be the perfect time for homeowners to remodel their existing bathroom. When choosing a vanity top, it should be beautiful, practical and most of all, adaptable to different flooring and wall finishes.
8 Various Uses of Granite at Home

8 Various Uses of Granite at Home 0

Granite is one of the igneous rocks on Earth that’s common, and it’s famous not just for one but other many reasons. They also have a wide variety of colors, designs, and patterns but what you are getting from granite is so much worth it. The money you will invest with granite is sure to last even a lifetime, saving at least 20% to 30% from renovating damages and maintenance.
5 Custom Bathroom Vanity Tops

5 Custom Bathroom Vanity Tops 0

Vanity tops are one of the busiest parts of the bathroom, and we visit it in the morning, before we sleep, or maybe even every moment you pass by it. Custom bathroom vanity tops are one of the trends in homes nowadays. Homeowners and business owners are starting to make sure they have luxurious-looking vanity tops in their bathroom.