9 Stunning and Stylish Kitchen Island Ideas

9 Stunning and Stylish Kitchen Island Ideas

A kitchen island isn't just an extra working space, but also the principal attraction in your kitchen. Having this essential kitchen element enables you to make food prepping and cooking a lot easier while enhancing family get-together.


Trending Kitchen Island Styles

Installing a kitchen island is a great way to add more counter and seating spaces, which are crucial for your everyday kitchen life. This custom-built counter does everything for you from cooking meals to casual dining. So it's no surprise if the kitchen island is always included among the scope of home remodeling projects. Discover these popular kitchen island ideas and start turning your dream kitchen into reality.


1. Two-Tone Kitchen Island

Two toned Kitchen Island

Source: roomscapesinc

Perfect for a contemporary look, a two-tone kitchen revolves around two different colors applied all over the kitchen island. Using complementary color palettes adds a focal point on any surface while improves warmth to the entire space. Natural stone for the countertop and a customize hood fan in a contrasting finish are a unique way of integrating the two-tone kitchen design. If you prefer a bolder two-tone look, you may combine the elements of saturated blue cabinets, stainless steel hood, and overhead lighting.


2. Modern Farmhouse Island

Source: Pixabay

Having a farmhouse island lets you incorporate the natural elements of countryside living straight to your kitchen. This modern kitchen island may feature recessed cabinetries in gray colors, stainless steel appliances, granite countertop, brown backsplashes, and a farmhouse sink, all standing on a medium-tone wood flooring. With pendant lights above the island, you may also combine an integrated sink, blue cabinets, white granite backsplashes, and a soapstone countertop. Contrasting painted cabinets, and benchtop surfaces may provide the necessary dimension, which is suitable for relaxing beach locations.


3. Minimalist Island

Source: Pixabay

Minimalist kitchen design is characterized with frameless cabinetries, smart appliances, sleek lines, and white color whether you use natural stones, wood, or cement. White is basically the main color palette of minimalist design since it reflects simplicity and functionality. When designing a minimalist island, you can't go wrong with the unique combination of pure white palette and a touch of black granite on the countertop. White significantly enhances the unifying look of any space, particularly if you have an open-plan layout.


A black-and-white combination in various minimalist designs can provide the contemporary feel while keeping the entire space clean. But the minimalist style is not only limited to colors as the concept is also related to clutter-free space planning and clean texture selection.


4. Butcher Block Island

Source: Pixabay

The butcher block has been an essential cutting accessory in many butcher shops and meat processing plants before but now has become an important element in various kitchen island designs. It's often characterized by teak, walnut, maple, and cherry as the primary countertop surface. Other butcher Block Island designs also incorporate wire shelving, stainless steel, and base cabinets either in paint or veneer finish. But some butcher block islands appear larger, which leave you enough working space and additional storage options below such as cabinets, towel racks and counter hooks for common cooking utensils.


If you want to build a butcher block island yourself, consider using recycled nightstands or utility tables and have them painted close to the colors of your kitchen. The common butcher block island is designed either as a free-standing unit or on-wheels, which allows you to push the island easily to create some moving space in the kitchen.


5. Cooktop Island

Source: Pixabay

The kitchen island has come a long way as the architectural focal point of many kitchen styles today. The cooktop island is another interesting kitchen innovation, which features an expansive counter space, which is huge enough for meal prepping, cooking, and family bonding. This island style may have designated seating spaces, serving as your breakfast bar or additional storage options. In some designs, you may also encounter an integrated sink, especially if the island is positioned against the wall.


Its efficiency is largely expanded by incorporating a cooking surface, which may allow you to prepare, cook, and serve food with minimal efforts. The cooktop island appears in a wide variety of styles, covered whether in stainless steel, rustic wood or various composite materials. Its countertop can be made from natural stones, engineered quartz, solid wood, concrete and metal sheets in which all are potential options to complement a working cooktop.


6. Rolling Cart Island

source: dunkandbright

A rolling cart island works like a portable preparation area, often kept at the side of the kitchen. Among the familiar rolling cart islands include butcher block, utility island, and mobile kitchen. With extra room for food preparation and storage, a rolling cart is ideal for anyone who needs some extra working space at hand. It often features several drawers on metal glides for storing tools while other designs have plenty of bottom shelves for larger kitchen equipment.


However, the rolling cart island tends to roll through most designs are equipped with wheels that can be locked in place.


7. Furniture Style Island

source: Pixabay

Furniture style islands are basically made of "repurposed" or refurbished furnitures, which you can use as additional preparation or dining table. By repurposing existing furniture like a kitchen island, you are able to provide warmth and character to your kitchen without necessarily buying a new one. Utilize all existing pullout drawers and base cabinets while installing either a butcher block or natural stone as your countertop. A furniture style island also features pre-contemporary-inspired details such as raised panel doors, antique glazed, ornamental moldings, and wood carving.


8. Breakfast Bar Island

source: unsplash

A breakfast bar island often features a 12-inch to 15-inch overhang countertop, which provides ample room for your legs while eating or preparing meals. It's also a convenient place where people can gather around for a quick meal, or you may utilize it as another alternative study table. The breakfast bar island has the same height as the typical kitchen counters, but you can raise it up a bit to conceal the clutters like scattered dishes at the sink. Since it functions like an ordinary table, a breakfast bar island can be moved to another place without removing any locking mechanism.


9. Statement Kitchen Island

source: Unsplash

A fully-functional kitchen island has everything you need for washing, preparing, and cooking meals. What separates your kitchen island from the rest is the statement it may provide for your entire kitchen design. A statement brings out the overall character of your kitchen, so it's important to select the appropriate style, color palettes, countertop finish, and cabinet materials that best represent your personality. This isn’t just an ordinary kitchen, but almost appears as your secondary kitchen.


The kitchen is always considered the heart of any home for most family-size residences. Selecting a kitchen island style greatly enhances the interiors of your kitchen while helping you simplify your cooking process.

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