10 Small Backyard Tile Ideas

10 Small Backyard Tile Ideas

Having a well-decorated backyard is the perfect way to relieve you from the harshness of everyday stress. An outdoor patio can be as stylish and inviting if you are able to incorporate it with the natural elements of fresh air and succulent landscapes. Just like any other home living spaces, it may require some remodeling efforts from you.


Decorating your beloved patio with granite tiles

What you will encounter about backyard decors today are expansive patios that are decorated with beautiful living room furniture, built-in kitchen, and garden fountains. This surely leaves you wondering what to do with small patios, particularly those extra spaces that are left unused.


Considering granite tiles as your primary flooring material for an outdoor patio gives you the perfect opportunity to play with dazzling colors, textures, and patterns. It's true enough that there's uniqueness and charm to these defined spaces which you may not get from huge outdoor areas. Here's how you can resolve the shortcomings of your patio with these ten backyard tile ideas.


1. Enhance your patio with add-ons

Though every space of square footage is important, integrating some built-in features will definitely elevate the character of your tiny backyard. You can build raised garden beds that can serve as built-in benches. Consider adding two or three additional steps leading to the front patio can create a distinction of spaces between the patio and exterior landscape. To create a wonderful contrast between the outdoor spaces and landscaping elements, you can use Absolute Black or Bainbrook Brown granite tiles along with a cozy swing sofa.


A huge stone slab can be added as a patio table, which may complement the rich granite surface underfoot as well as the built-in seats surrounding the patio. Tall trees, flowering plants, and slatted trellis secured on the walls keep your outdoor patio from feeling unattached from the main structure. This enhances the outdoor atmosphere while hosting family events or social gatherings.


2. The importance of built-in features

Having a narrow or awkwardly-spaced patio should not limit you from using built-in fixtures to enhance its look. For a relaxing outdoor entertainment, you can build a small wet bar where you can accommodate a number of guests or even some of your wine collections. Select an eye-catching granite tile design like Black Galaxy or Black Pearl to achieve an upscale appeal. An outdoor kitchen may also seem possible, especially if you are frequently hosting a barbecue party for the whole family.


Integrating a clubhouse setting can make your small backyard feel like a leisure tropical resort. The use of built-in cottage-style sofas and oriental lamps may provide the rustic touches. What's more, you may use granite tiles to make any outdoor patio feel warm and elevated.


3. Be creative with large elements

You may feel you should only decorate a narrow patio with small furniture, but that's not always the case if you are creative enough. Imagine how a classy garden vase, a stylish urn or a decorative heat lamp can serve as a focal point for your small patio. Another effective design is to use wide, raised beds that can be used as patio seats and garden beds at the same time.


Keep the elements as neutral as possible to make the patio appear larger. Neutral tones, white granite tiles, and garden gravel as landscape edging can brighten up space without adding furniture and decors. Always combine the color elements in contrast to create a minimalist and sleek patio design. Adding some floor cushions can provide more lounge seating, but choose the design with light colors and minimal details.


4. Consider using the tall elements

Having an open space in an urban setting is already considered a fortune. So it's better to utilize every patio space in square footage using the appropriate flooring material and design elements. Every design element should be tall, and some of them include high-top tables, drop lights, and high planting decors. In addition to floor tiling, you may also run a few rows of tiles to create a horizontal wall divider.


Sleek lines and vertical slats can also provide your urban patio an outstanding garden feel. Even if the patio isn't spacious enough, you can still decorate the area with screens, exposed brick walls and sand-blasted finishes for a better rustic approach. Perhaps, decorate the wall sections with hanging plants to add a softness that creates a barrier between the main house and the landscaping area.


In addition, narrow planting strips, trellises, and crawling plants gently add subtleness and height to any small patio space. The outdoor patio is your visual link to nature, which allows you to unwind with soothing sounds and fresh air. So focus your attention to floral and landscape elements instead of filling it up with furniture and non-essential details.


5. Consider space conversion

Outdoor patios are generally located either off the house or attached to the main building. But if you don't have enough space for a patio, you can opt to remodel an old storage room or an extra garage space. Building a wood-burning fireplace, plant boxes, and elevated garden beds provide warmth and texture to an old space. Remember not to forget changing the old floors with durable natural stone floors to give your patio space a different kind of look.


6. Incorporate the beauty of water elements

Water elements can break up the monotonous character of any outdoor patio. You would be surprised to see how water elements can connect the patio to the rest of your landscape settings. If your patio is expansive enough, consider connecting it to different landscape features like garden ponds, fountains or even beside a paradise-status pool. Garden fountains are not only designed to provide warmth to your backyard setting, but also mitigate the noises beyond the perimeter walls.


Tall trees and shrubs can be used as landscape edges between the garden and patio. But you shouldn't limit your concepts to the use of concrete pavers and grass beds just to distinguish the patio from the rest of the elements. You can use natural stone tiles as part of your flooring options leading to a garden pond. Bainbrook Brown and Blue Pearl granite tiles will surely complement your existing water features with an outdoor patio, reflecting the combined beauty of nature and natural stone.


7. Improve nighttime stay using landscape lighting

Sometimes, staying alone at an outdoor patio gives you a greater sense of peace. And that nighttime relaxation at the patio would also require bright landscape lights. Softer lighting can develop a more pleasant atmosphere for everyone while enjoying some few laughs. Aside from that, patio lighting can also provide beautiful reflective effects over the surface materials, especially when you use natural stone tiles and semi-gloss wall paints.


8. Create eye-pleasing details

You can find a lot of interesting patio designs from the internet as well as printed sources. Try to combine the elements of contemporary and modern themes to give your outdoor patio a unique character. Consider using exposed concrete beams and wooden slats along with French-inspired furniture and Black Galaxy granite tiles. Geometric shapes and hardwood materials offer boldness and richness in texture, converting your patio as a dominant home feature.


Don't forget to use texture variations to create either a rustic or a Mediterranean-inspired patio look. For this design, all surfaces employ different textures like acid-wash tiles, leathered tiles, sand-blasted cement walls, pebble wash, and stained glass. It takes inner creativity and flexibility if your design leans towards rustic and bold.


Non-structural elements are also considered design enhancements for an outdoor patio. Some of them include raised floors, additional steps, floor transition, and low-height walls. These non-structural elements allow you to experiment on different flooring materials, wall finishes, and furniture arrangements. Imagine the beautiful combination of custom-built concrete-and-stone bench, brick-walled fire pit, natural stone floor, and flagstone floor borders making up the elements of your patio.


9. The beauty of sculptures

A beautifully-crafted sculpture represents a person's true character, and the patio is the perfect place to show it off. It draws the eyes out to the landscape while complementing the overall natural setting of your property. It often provides the patio a formal look but may appear subtle with the use of various landscaping elements. What's making this highly attractive is the application of natural stone flooring, which also adds elegance and prestige to your patio.


10. Continuity of pavers

Creating continuous paving easily connects your outdoor patio to different living spaces inside. Tile flooring plays an important role here. Extending similar tile designs, particularly the same type of finish, from the living room and outside of the patio develops a sense of expansiveness. When you use similar tiles, granite tiles, for instance, you are able to create a smooth transition between two different spaces with no need to install flooring accessories.


As much as you love to relax in your most private space at home, an outdoor patio can also capable of providing you lasting peace of mind. So if you find it difficult to remodel a small patio, these inspirations can help you make the most of your personal outdoor space.

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