Shower Tile: Decor & Ideas You'll love

Shower Tile: Decor & Ideas You'll love

Choosing the right covering materials for your shower walls may seem difficult if you don't know about the advantages of each materials being released on the market. Any shower room is expected to be filled up with moist, floor stains and stagnant water which often lead to material damages later.


In most households, ceramic tiles are the commonly-used covering material for bathrooms due to their flexibility in price and design patterns. However, cracks should be anticipated as ceramic tiles are not designed to withstand heavy moisture and chemical contents for a very long time. Deciding on what to install on the shower walls, countertops and bathtubs is not an easy thing to do, particularly when planning for a bathroom remodeling. Here are some factors to consider before making a final decision:

  1. Any wall or floor covering should be decorative or at least adds value to the existing bathroom.
  2. The material is easy to maintain or easy to clean.
  3. The material can last until your next renovation project.
  4. Wall and floor covering should be resistant to water, heat, scratches and accidental drop of various objects.


Considering all the factors above, granite tiles can become the best covering material for your shower room and countertop. A stone tile will make every shower space unique, attractive and definitely "relaxing." An informed decision is important to help you select the best stone tile and spare you from overspending since many homeowners are less aware of the material characteristics not often explained by contractors.


Granite as the best stone tile


For granite experts, they recommend not to select low-grade granite tiles as these coverings may seem fragile against cracks along the fissure lines. You can choose from a variety of colors and patterns as Mother Nature has made them look natural. Here are some decorative stone tiles which you may consider for bathroom floors and fixtures.


1. Stark lack


The stark black granite is ideal for private bathrooms and public amenities like hotel bathrooms, hospitals, and museums. You can combine this stone tile with lighter colors to create a brighter color contrast around your shower room. Stark black looks great when combined with dimmer lights, acrylic sheets, and glass enclosures, providing your shower room a distinctive appearance. When using black granite, it is always recommended to use colors close to Mother Nature.


2. Crystal white


Crystal white granite can make your shower look lavish and brighter at the same time. This stone tile blends perfectly with different colors of fixtures other than white.


3. Blue Pearl


Available in different format tiles, Blue pearl granite looks appealing, offering your shower interiors an elegant look. Its top surface is normally polished and come in different colors including silver, blue and green.


4. Golden garnet


Golden garnet is a neutral-colored granite used as an excellent transitional material between your shower room and your laminated flooring in the bedroom. This stone tile provides a good color contrast against the walls of your shower room. You can also combine Golden garnet with single-unit glass enclosures.


5. Santa Cecilia


Santa Cecilia granite features a unique combination of tannish feldspar, quartz and red minerals, which can give your countertops an impressive look. This stone tile is applied to tough flooring installation due to its strength against heavy bathroom usage.


6. Uba Tuba


Uba tuba granite appears as a green-colored granite used for home interiors with an "earth" design theme. This stone tile makes it ideal for bathroom walls and countertops. Your shower space will increase its aesthetic value once you combine Uba tuba with other earth colors.


7. Tropical brown


If you prefer a "subtle" atmosphere in your bathroom, the tropical brown granite can become an awesome fitting choice. This earth-colored stone is rich in texture, which makes it easy to blend on various wall finishes like hardwood, perforated metal sheet, and ceramic tiles. It also creates a dazzling color contrast with different color schemes around your shower room.


8. Tourmaline


Tourmaline granite is made of soft rock materials, which may not be suitable for shower rooms with high occupancy loads like gyms and beach resorts. However, this stone tile is easy to combine with earth colors to make home interiors appear natural.


9. Kashmir White


Kashmir white granite is composed of red garnet crystals, white feldspar, and quartz. This granite type is ideal for shower rooms since the color can be mixed easily with different color patterns. Alternatively, Kashmir White can also be applied as a decorative tile.


10. Bainbrook brown


Appears tolar with tan, brown granite, Bainbrook brown granite goes perfectly with ambient lighting and natural wood material. It creates a luminous color contrast against the lighter colors around the bathroom.


11. Black Galaxy


Black galaxy features a unique combination of fine-to-medium grains in black, white and gold mineral colors. This type of granite is best installed as bathroom floors since the stone tile can generate better-contrasting effects against lighter color shades.


12. Biotite


The Biotite granite is regarded as the most durable type of granite, which seems perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. This stone tile is ideal for your shower room since it's the most frequently-used area in the bathroom. This stone tile is available in different colors so it wouldn't be a problem to combine it with your preferred color scheme.


Granite finishes also play an important role to bring out the elegance of your bathroom spaces. These are:

1. Polished granite


Polished granite features mirror-like reflective properties that help bring out the beauty of the stone tile. This will definitely enhance the richness of your shower room, transforming your vanity top as the main focal point.


2. Flamed granite


The flamed granite is usually heated under extreme heat temperatures, causing the granite grains to change colors. The process causes its surface to look rougher and bolder. In fact, the rustic appearance of flamed granite can provide your shower room a defining look.


3. Honed granite


Honed granite presents a unique matte appearance with no visible reflections like what polished granites have. This stone finish is relatively safer since the surface isn't that slippery.


Granite has become a top choice for many homeowners as it produces lasting impressions of "grandeur" anywhere at home. With different stone patterns and finishes available, there's no limitation to the use of granite tiles even

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