20 Popular Vanity Tops

20 Popular Vanity Tops

The year 2019 seems to be the perfect time for homeowners to remodel their existing bathroom. When choosing a vanity top, it should be beautiful, practical and most of all, adaptable to different flooring and wall finishes. Let's take a look of the 20 most popular vanity tops for this year:


  1. Design House granite vanity top


This design gives every bathroom space a unique and stylish look. Its 31-inch long dimension comes in an elegant Kashmir white color that could easily blend with the rest of your bathroom interior. Moreover, the 4-inch backsplash helps prevent mold build-up and water damage, allowing your vanity top to stay longer.


  1. Cara white marble vanity top


Expect an elegant look for your bathroom with this gorgeous natural marble and ceramic vanity top. This appealing fixture is made of natural stone and features a charming white ceramic basin to complement any classic bathroom style. The best thing is, the finished material is made polished, making your vanity top look durable and stylish in any direction.


  1. Swan Contour vanity top


This beautiful vanity top would bring a contemporary designer look to your bathroom interior.

Its solid surface composition makes this elegant vanity top a perfect choice for contemporary lovers with a touch of simplicity. On top of its capacity to withstand hot curling iron, make-up and personal care products, and this vanity beauty also includes a stylish backsplash to provide additional protection against substances.


  1. Premier wave bowl cultured marble vanity top


This beautiful vanity top adds merely glamour to any bathroom. It features an integrated basin made of cultured white marble which could complement both modern and contemporary bathroom styles. Its look is classic, elegant and more importantly, clean.


  1. Carrara marble vanity top


This marble masterpiece will complement your traditional taste of bathroom style. It blends gorgeously with any ambient lighting and accent wall, which seems perfect when your bathroom space is limited.


  1. Design House Giallo quartz


This "Giallo-colored" vanity top will provide your bathroom space the uniqueness you want. Perfect for contemporary and modern styles, this package includes an integrated basin plus an additional backsplash to give the necessary protection for your walls.


  1. Desert gold granite vanity top


With desert gold granite vanity top, you can bring out the beauty of your bathroom in style. This classy vanity top is made of natural granite which enables it to counteract water spills and hot curling irons. It also features a pre-mounted porcelain sink to match your vanity top as well as the rest of your bathroom surfaces.


  1. Rondo Larisa ceramic vanity top


When talking about a minimalist rectangular profile and comfortable rim size, the Larisa ceramic sink top could be your best viable option. This gorgeous vanity top serves as a bathroom countertop and sink, which makes it versatile to any user preference.


  1. Maykee black granite vanity top


Made of black natural granite stone, this lovely countertop is the perfect way to complement your personal taste over modern-style bathrooms. This features a large sink cut-out that could accommodate any under-mounted ceramic-made sink. The countertop is also roomy enough for your personal essentials, which provides you additional movements while using the sink.


  1. Venetian gold granite vanity top


This attractive countertop appeals to most modern and contemporary bathroom styles. The "Venetian gold" color adds glamour and elegance, which seems perfect to complement the rest of your bathroom equipment, fixtures, and lighting. Most designs also feature a beautiful oval bowl which is made of vitreous glass, a material known for its grainy texture.


  1. Cottage white "Stratford" vanity top


The Stratford vanity top is a free-standing countertop which provides you an excellent "European" feels while inside the bathroom. Its marble countertop is made resistant to withstand water spills, cosmetics, and heat from a hair curling iron or electric shaver. Storage is provided so you can keep your personal essentials organized, leaving the countertop free from clutters.


  1. Rushmore gray granite vanity top


The Rushmore gray granite countertop is an ideal choice if you're in a rush to remodel your old bathroom. Its uniqueness and sleek finish can complement any bathroom design regardless of existing bathroom fixture. There's also a pre-attached oval-shaped sink with a stylish "ogee" rim design made of ceramic to give your granite countertop a distinctive look. You can use mountain grey as an alternative.


  1. Walcut bathroom wood vanity


This stylish vanity top could bring you closer to nature in the modern era. It features an elegant ceramic sink with glass countertop, which is installed over a wooden cabinet.


  1. Kohler ceramic impression sinks


This vanity top features a unique integration of countertop and sink designed to help you reflect your contemporary way of living. With single-unit construction, this elegant masterpiece can provide the "spa-like" atmosphere you've want in addition to a broad range of dimensional colors to choose from.


  1. Heart Pine vanity


The "Heart Pine" design looks elegant and stylish, which could fit all styles of the bathroom sink. You can also select from a wide variety of color combination to complement different user preferences.


  1. Golden sand granite vanity top


If you want a contemporary style but you only have limited space, the golden sand granite vanity design could become a perfect fit for you. This features a unique combination of granite countertop and a vitreous glass-made ceramic, which can provide a relaxing mood in the bathroom.


  1. Oslo Glass and stainless steel double vanity top


This modern washroom vanity is a perfect addition if you want an impressive contemporary style using a minimalist approach. The aesthetic combination of stainless steel and clear glass can make a significant difference in any interior space, making it appear brighter and more interesting.


  1. Componendo Movanta wood and stainless steel vanity top


The material combination of wood and stainless steel offers nothing less than functionality and aesthetics. Its glossy countertop makes it reflective to lights, but resistant against water spills and scratches.


  1. Rondo Kara cool gray ceramic vanity top


This cool gray option features a compact sinktop rim with an angular-curved basin floor. The Kara ceramic vanity top is fully adaptable to all bathroom designs because of its comprehensive color and pattern variations.


  1. Ryvyr beige travertine stone vanity top


The travertine stone vanities could make any bathroom look luxurious. Made with travertine and marble combination, expect this vanity top to withstand heavy usage for extended years without compromising its stone elegance.


Aside from these valuable options, the internet still has a lot to offer for you. More than its color variations, it's always important to consider durability and resistance properties when selecting a vanity top.

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