Outdoor Tiles: Design, Trends, and Ideas

Outdoor Tiles: Design, Trends, and Ideas

Having a beautiful outdoor oasis significantly enhances the cozy atmosphere of any property either situated in a tropical or winter location. And decorating your outdoor patio with stylish tile floors allows you to enjoy the succulent landscape while comfortably resting on your favorite chair. You surely need a lot of fascinating ideas to help transform your patio, porches, and terraces into something unique. Here is some trending outdoor tile design that you may consider for an easy DIY patio remodeling.


Outdoor Raised Patio Flooring

Raised flooring allows you to enhance the walkway areas leading to a living room and other ground floor spaces. The tile design for raised levels involves the use of different patio tiles along with other edging materials like a threshold or a nosing. Instead of installing a conventional floor slab, opt to use exciting outdoor patio tiles like natural stone, concrete, and ceramic to give your patio a refreshing look. With this concept, you're almost building an elevated wooden deck that is wonderfully connected with nature.


Elevated tile floors effectively replace the traditional wooden deck. Tile maintenance even seems easier than restoring a rotted wooden floorboard. You can easily change the design of your patio tiles, but you need to remove the rest before installing a new patio material. In addition, raised floors to allow you to conceal some utility lines underneath, particularly if the floor is made of steel framing or pre-fabricated concrete.


The Use of Over-sized Outdoor Tiles

Covering the patio with huge outdoor tile format is now a growing trend for backyard design rather than the usual 30mm thick stone slab. This incredible concept creates a unique indoor appeal that is built outdoors. Large patio tiles replace the conventional use of artificial grass or grass beds, which are normally wasteful in water and susceptible to mold growth. With this brilliant idea, design possibilities may seem endless as you can possibly use all types of patio tiles to create a distinctive patio character.


Thick Porcelain Patio Tiles

Porcelain patio tiles look great as garden steps or walkways due to the elegance they provide. These stylish patio tiles are usually available in different slab thickness, ranging between 15mm and 30mm for building stepping stones, terraces, front porches and of course, outdoor patio. The appearance is entirely different from other options like natural stone and bricks as porcelain tiles feature a vast range of tile patterns, whether printed or embossed. So whether you want your patio to have a rustic or contemporary feel, porcelain will never run out of options to offer you.


Slate is Here to Stay Forever

Slate never goes out of style as one of the most preferred patio materials until today. Slate tiles are able to create eye-pleasing patterns for your patio, particularly if you combine dark and neutral tones. This is a hard natural stone that is closely performing well next to granite and marble tiles. You can find some unusual color variations from it, making slate applicable for Mediterranean, farmhouse or cottage-style homes.


The Lovable Accent of Marble

Marble has gotten more exposure as outdoor patio tiles due to its exquisite beauty and fine texture. You can find this natural stone in a variety of interesting tile pebbled washout, leathered, acid-washed and other tactile textures. Patio tiles with marble gravel are another popular choice for an outdoor patio, which also provides a luxurious feel. They have a unique combination of "UV-resistant" polyurea resin and marble gravel, which are bonded together to form water-proofed floors for outdoor kitchen, balcony and walkway applications.


Lava Stone is Gaining Popularity

Imagine the daring look of volcano magma combined with your patio furniture through lava stones. Lava stone tiles can deliver beautiful patterns for your patio, perfect for many outdoor flooring concepts. You'll surely love the beauty of rustic and monochrome motif once they are installed.


The Desert Appeal of Sandstone

If you're looking for an adventurous desert look, consider the surprising beauty of sandstone. Perfect for humid and tropical locations, sandstone patio tiles offer a wide range of fascinating colors like red, tan, off-white and brown. Their beautiful variations of tones, shapes, and finishes greatly complement just about any outdoor living space. However, this natural material should be sealed regularly because sandstone is less resistant to water and chemical spills when installed outdoors.


Granite Stone and Outdoor Living Spaces Are a Great Pairing

Granite tiles always ensure that your patio and other outdoor spaces will be party-ready all year long Even if you live in a cold, winter location. Granite is known to withstand extreme weather condition better than the rest of other natural stones. Tile maintenance is quite low, though you may require yearly sealing to prevent further damage. The beauty of this material can be seen from its vast range of colors, patterns, and finishes to complement your outdoor patio a lot better.


The Subtleness of Wood-look Outdoor Tiles

Decorating a living space with warm and neutral tones is definitely attractive to many people, so why not bring out the indoor atmosphere outside? Wood-look patio tiles will act as a visual connection between the house and the landscaping elements. You can encounter these patio tiles in various materials, including porcelain, ceramic, and hardwood. And the hardwood flooring can bring that warm feeling directly to your outdoor patio, exterior walkways and garden paths.


Metallic Looks For The Modern-day Living

 The metallic finish is no longer limited to vanity and countertops like what you see today. Patio tiles have become more metallic, incorporating various colors like gold, platinum, and bronze into the tile design. The actual metal components are blended into the tile itself, resulting in such impressive decorative finishes.


Metal Inlay is another interesting addition to the growing number of metallic options. This outdoor decorative floor is manufactured with stainless steel inlays, bonded with high-performance resins and other materials.


Enhancing your exterior spaces using patio tiles may significantly elevate the overall retail value of your property. Consider installing them on outside walls, outdoor kitchen, bar, or even aspire to have a garden path built with these earlier-mentioned ideas.

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