Natural Stone for Ski Houses

Natural Stone for Ski Houses

Ski houses are mostly built in mountainous regions where freezing outdoor temperature is just a normal occurrence. These elegant natural-looking structures come in different building materials and heating equipment that may keep the room temperature at bay. Aside from log cabin-style, ski houses with natural stone are also popular in the luxury real estate industry, particularly in Park City, Utah. Over 80% of ski houses in Park City are designed with natural stone tiles, blended with glass walls and log structures.


Advantages of granite tiles on ski houses


Combining natural stone, glass and concrete make any structure look unique and modern, making ski homes far more relaxing than before. Natural stone tiles can be made of granite, marble, slate, and travertine in which all are available in a wide variety of patterns & colors. They are becoming more "architectural" than you would conceive for a vacation house situated in an extremely-cold location. However, not all stones can offer you the best protection against heavy usage and environmental exposure, except granite.


Granite tiles are a durable form of practical and stylish flooring option, offering you outstanding surface protection in addition to uniqueness in patterns. Not only granite floors provide the functionality you want, but they can also increase the retail value of your precious ski home. This beautiful natural stone can be installed as floor covering, wall finishes and countertops, giving your home spaces a distinctive appeal from any angle.


There has been a growing popularity in the luxury real estate market to use granite tiles in both interiors and exteriors of a ski house. In fact, granite is suitable for home locations with freezing temperature, heavy dust or mud build-up and snow. With regard to patterns and colors, you will never run out of options to satisfy your personal preferences. But the question is, why are granite tiles important for ski houses? Here's why:


1. High resistance capacity


After a long, tiring day on the slopes, a lot of homeowners want to relax in their expensive ski homes. Floorings are expected to get stained or damped with your wet boots and snowboards when you enter the house. This causes any flooring material to be exposed to water, dust particles and dropped leaves, which can eventually lead to staining markings and surface damage when neglected.


Granite tiles are designed to withstand heavy exposure to snow, rain, heat changes and contaminants surrounding your ski house. You won't be expecting stain marks for a long while since granite tiles are low in porosity level, preventing water absorption and surface slippage. However, tile maintenance is strictly required especially if the tiles are installed on outdoor spaces such as lanais and porches.


Granite is absolutely resistant to moisture and water, particularly in heavily-damped locations like bathrooms and laundry areas. It's made hypo-allergenic and defiant to bacteria, keeping you and your children secured from air-borne diseases.


In kitchen interiors, granite tiles are fully resistant to moisture and heat, so you won't be thinking about floor damage and oil spills while you're cooking. That's because you'll only need warm water and soap to clean up the tiles. To protect the sealant, you should avoid using cleaning solutions with solvents like bleach or ammonia. On average room temperature, granite is definitely a great tiling option for living areas, dining areas, and other enclosed spaces.


2. Lasting beauty


Granite stone enhances the beauty of any interior space at home without compromising its functionality. In fact, the market offers you a broad range of wonderful styles and patterns to support your dreams of having a luxurious ski house. You can always find the appropriate tile design you'll love regardless of the design theme you prefer. This gorgeous stone can add warmth and texture, providing both interior and exterior surfaces an individual character.


Many professional designers feel that dark colors of natural stone improve the natural atmosphere and winter settings in Park City. Combining them with lighter shades will make the spaces appear "expanded" and pleasing to the eyesight. This is why granite tiles are perfect for an elegant ski home, thus providing aesthetics, character and lasting impressions from visitors.


3. Better finishing options


Though granite may seem appropriate for places with cold temperature, it's still important to know the different surface finishes, so you can come up with a right decision on what material will suit a particular space. The surface finish determines the level of maintenance you need to sustain to make these granite tiles remain unblemished. Here they are:


4. Honed granite


Honed granite appears in a matte finish which seems more appropriate than polished granite in high-traffic locations. This is applicable to interior spaces and selected outdoor spaces.


5. Polished granite


Polished granite features a shiny appearance that is best suited for areas with a low-traffic ratios like the living room or guest rooms. The smooth surface draws out the beauty of your natural stone, particularly if the light reflects directly to it. With this kind of surface, the stone will appear richer and bolder, which can create some contrasting effects against the ceiling, walls, and countertops.


6. Flamed granite


Flamed granite boasts a unique character that may create a richer look in just any space at home. This granite features rough and rustic surfaces, making it more popular for outdoor applications or any space that is heavily exposed to freezing temperature and various environmental effects.

Among these options, the polished granite is the easiest to maintain while the rest including brushed, will need periodical cleaning schedules. What's really good about granite tiles is their natural aesthetic value which allows for your ski home to blend with natural surroundings.


4. Lifetime durability


Granite is known for its hardness characteristic, which makes it "impossible" to break unless you intentionally smash it with a sledgehammer. This material character enables your granite tiles to withstand the harsh effects of nature, notably on exterior applications. With proper maintenance, granite tiles are expected to last, and their appearance will stay in great shape.


Installing granite tiles is considered a lifetime investment where the beauty of the stone can be appreciated by generations to generations. You can finally enjoy the great sceneries of your ski home, overlooking the vast landscape and exciting mountain views within your vicinity.

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