Kylie Jenner's Bathroom: Secrets to Her Beauty

Kylie Jenner's Bathroom: Secrets to Her Beauty

Prominent social media personality and model Kylie Jenner reveals her secret on how she keeps her flawless beauty in top shape. Her secret isn't about her successful line of cosmetics and real estate portfolios, but the manner how she remodels her most private space at home.


Bathrooms are generally considered a private space for most people. But you may find them as expensive as the master suites in many celebrity mansions.


Reality star Kylie Jenner has every reason to linger in her lavish bathroom a little longer. That's because she enjoys the awesome combination of contemporary styles and black-and-white accent she has in every bathroom. How about seeing a disco ball-like LED lighting near the sink surrounded with a black granite countertop.


What's Inside Kylie's Bathroom?


To be clear, Kylie often considers her bathroom as the "glam" room. If you're a huge fan of the Jenners or Kardashians, the glam room is your ultimate place where you spend a lot of time preparing for a night-out party or an extravagant event to happen soon. Alternatively, it can also be used as a private space for taking "selfies" just like what Kylie has wherever she goes.


All her bathrooms feature a lush "throne," that requires no manual flushing. Though the actual cost of her toilet fixture isn't made public, Kylie always prefers to get her sleek and "smart" essentials from Toto. Her master suite water closets automatically close, open and then flush right after every use. The toilet itself rinses with electrolyzed water for every flush, sparing you from cleaning it so often.


And the best thing is, this stylish fixture can be easily combined with stone-inspired interior settings and ambient lighting. Each bathroom also comes with other bathroom essentials including light-up sinks, spacious vanity top, and a first-class shower room which will probably provide you the best bathing experience. Despite her prowess in home remodeling, she has made a huge mistake in selecting the color for her shower room.


She suggests not to use black tiles in the shower room, especially if the space is limited. Even if your bathroom is lighted enough, you wouldn't be able to see clearly while you're inside. Dark colors also make your bathroom smaller, so you need to match them with lighter wall colors and bright lights.


Since Kylie often spends more time in her glam room than in other spaces, her bathroom may be exposed to all kinds of substances including cosmetics, moisturizers and hair dyes. Not only substances, but she may also use hair curling irons and motorized shavers for her grooming needs. In this case, natural stone tiles are best suited to protect the bathroom surfaces from potential damage and discoloration. Granite tiles can become a valuable option, particularly in cold and humid locations like Hidden Hills, California.


Kylie's Bathroom Remodeling Adventures


For Kylie, the glam room should be given priority whenever she remodels her real estate investments.


In 2015, Kylie remodeled her $2.7million-workth 4,871 square-foot Calabasas starter pad using a "monochromatic" accent from the living room up to her main bathroom. Her first real estate investment with five bathrooms was just blocks away from sisters Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian according to entertainment news sources. Her toilet set cost her big, including an elegant bathtub and a hand-sensor faucet with gold flecks on it. Everything was "high-tech" in appearance but easily complements the medium colors of the walls.


While still residing in her Calabasas house, she next purchased a 7,000 square-foot Hidden Hills Mansion, where it boasted six luxurious bedrooms, four-car garage, and seven bathrooms. This gorgeous residence didn't run out of backdrops for selfies as it included a moderate-sized pool, stone-top kitchen, and carpeted floors. She decorated her master suite bathroom with a massive shower room, gold-accented faucets installed on a black tiled countertop. Each bathroom around the mansion carried a unique style, but her black-and-gray monochromatic palette had made them all look standout.


Kylie doesn't like her bathroom to look just basic. That's because her glam room has a chandelier over the giant bathtub.


In August 2016, Kylie purchased the 5,154 square-foot next door Hidden Hills mansion, which she utilized as her home office. The single-storey mansion features several bathrooms where she remodeled them with black, white, gray and pink color accents. All bathroom fixtures were modern, combining stainless steel fixtures and wood cabinetry in the process. Moreover, her tile color selections were definitely a perfect match to the water closets, shower rooms, and common sinks.


Kylie invested in another grand Hidden Hills mansion in September 2016. She decorated the bathrooms of her $12.5 million-worth property with black-and-white palette, including her master suite bathroom. Her favorite fixtures include gold-accented sinks, black granite countertops, stone-inspired cabinetry, and a huge shower room. Of course, her royal throne will always make it to the list.


Her 13,000-square-feet property features eight bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, and all kinds of high-end amenities. That's eleven delicate bathrooms to be installed with black-and-gray wall accents and a number of intelligent bathroom fixtures and lightings. Kylie's recent acquisition is the $13.5 million Beverly Hills mansion with partner Travis Scott, featuring more than ten classic bathrooms. Just imagine how each of these spacious bathrooms will look under Kylie's excellent color taste.


With an impressive real estate portfolio, the television personality-turned business mogul may even have a bright future in home remodeling. Kylie always put the efforts by heart, renovating every mansion she had invested with her unique designing skills. She applied glittery wall papers, wall-hung decorations and ambient lighting in every living space. On top of this, all her masterpieces featured a black bathroom, inspired by her mom, Kris Jenner.


The reality star is known for her extraordinary grooming and beauty routines. But what's making her even more unique is the inclusion of black bathrooms in all her hard-earned houses. She has included a shower room and a large bathtub in her primary bathroom, whether in her permanent home or business office. Interestingly, she always displays a collection of Kim Kardashian perfumes in her bathroom and vanity area.


Kylie's bathroom inspirations may entice you to take a longer bathroom break, taking selfies and making most of your private time alone. Perhaps, it's about time to give your current bathroom space a serious makeover.

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