40 Kitchen Renovation Terms You Need to Know

40 Kitchen Renovation Terms You Need to Know

Renovating the kitchen is one of the most exciting things to do when you want to give your house a total makeover. But this can also be stressful if you don't know the common renovation terms often used by contractors and professional installers. Here are 40 renovation terms which you are likely to encounter during an actual construction:


1. Accent lighting

Accent lighting is a type of lighting that accentuates any design element you can see in any area. It focuses directly on the details of your wall cabinet, backsplashes and cooking range.


2. Ambient lighting

It's a lighting that acts as the main source of light for a specific area. This applies different basic lighting fixtures such as lights, track lights, and recessed lighting fixtures.


3. Appliance garage

It's a small storage area for common kitchen appliances concealed by a roll-up door. This also refers to an appliance cabinet, which is often custom-built to meet certain storage requirements.


4. Apron Sink

Referred to as "farmhouse" sink, an apron sink is a typical kitchen sink used for general washing. However, the sink is protruded out from the benchtop, leaving no cabinets between the user and the sink.


5. Architrave

An architrave is a special molding that runs around the door and window frames. Its main purpose is to conceal the joint between the wall finish and the frames.


6. Auxiliary sink

This works as a secondary sink which can create an additional area for preparation. The sink appears smaller than the main sink, which is often used for food washing.


7. Backsplash

It's the wall between the countertop and the bottom of the overhead cabinets. The tiled wall is intended to deflect water, chemicals, and food spills while cooking food or washing plates.


8. Base cabinets

These are rows of cabinets resting on the floor which support the weight of the countertop.


9. Benchtop

The benchtop is a solid flat surface resting on top of the cabinet, which is primarily used for food preparation and other kitchen activities.


10. Blind base cabinet

This is a base cabinet built to fill the corner space, which has a kitchen appliance (dishwasher or cooking range) resting perpendicular to it.


11. Bulkhead

This is a box-type structure designed to conceal any electrical wiring or pipe fitting, leaving the top of the kitchen free from clutters. It also fills up the unused space between the top of the wall cabinetries and ceiling.


12. Clearance space

Clearance space refers to the amount of space required to utilize the functionality of appliances and cabinetries. You also need some clear distances for ease of movement or when cabinet doors are fully opened.


13. Cooktop

The cooktop is a flat surface where the food is being cooked. It's available in gas, electric and induction cooking options.


14. Coring

Coring involves the process of drilling holes through the walls, floors, and ceiling, intended to break the concrete material.


15. Cornice

Cornice is a creative molding used to cover the junction between the ceiling and wall. It features a unique profile that adds beauty to any home interior.


16. Custom cabinetry

Custom cabinets are designed in accordance with your specific details. They can be built either pre-fabricated or on-site.


17. Drawers

Drawers are built-in storage compartments which are integrated into built-in closets, base cabinets, pieces of furniture and benchtops.


18. End panels

An end panel is intended to cover any exposed surface in order to make it look more attractive.


19. Fit out

Fit out utilizes any "base" or "shell" construction as a finishing material. Though the material is still exposed, the space is already safe for use.


20. Fitting

Fitting is a general term for any item that is fixed in place but can be removed on a later date like cooking range, refrigerator, and microwave oven.


21. Fixtures

Fixtures may refer to building components that are permanently installed.


22. Galley

Galley refers to a kitchen layout that features two parallel counters.


23. U-shaped

U-shaped plan involves a three-wall configuration, which fully utilizes the purpose of the work triangle.


24. Grout

Grout is a mortar-like mixture used to cover the gaps between tiles.


25. Hardware

These are essential accessories needed to complete an installation like hinges, molding caps, door closers, and brackets among others.


26. Induction

Induction is a type of cooktop that utilizes an electromagnetic field to heat while leaving the top surface safe for touching.


27. Island bench

An island bench appears like a free-standing low-height shelving unit, used for food preparation and storage.


28. Jamb

A jamb is a vertical post located on both sides of an opening like doorways or windows.


29. Joist

Joist is a structural component made of concrete, steel or wood used to support the ceiling or floor.


30. Kickboard

A kickboard is a panel installed to the floor of a base cabinet for aesthetic purposes.


31. Laminate

Laminate refers to "engineered" wood materials that are used as an alternative to solid hardwood.


32. L-shaped

An L-shaped layout refers to a space configuration that uses two adjacent walls.


33. Open plan

An open plan involves the integration of living spaces and kitchen in one area.


34. Outpost kitchen

An outpost kitchen is an additional kitchen located in other areas like the family room.


35. Pedestal Sink

Pedestal sink is a wash basin with a limited support base that conceals the plumbing fittings.


36. Pendant lighting

It's a type of lighting that uses pendant lights suspended from the ceiling through a metal rod.


37. Pre-fabricated

Pre-fabricated refers to building components that are built off-site and delivered to the site for installation.


38. Rough-in installation

Rough-in involves the installation of building utility lines like electrical wires and plumbing pipes but is not ready yet for finishing touches.


39. Sub-flooring

Sub-flooring is a support system that is installed on top of the floor joist to carry the finished flooring.


40. Work triangle

Work triangle refers to the core areas of the kitchen which the person should be able to prepare, store and cook food with ease.


Kitchen renovation might seem difficult to handle if you don't know exactly how to express your thoughts. Understanding these renovation terms can help maintain a good rapport between you and your project manager.

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