Granite Worktops: Pros & Design Ideas

 Granite Worktops: Pros & Design Ideas

If you are trying to rebuild your home or just about to begin building one, you are probably having a hard time selecting materials for it. We know you are someone who wants to make sure their home is not just beautiful and cozy but long lasting, too. The kitchen is the most important part every homeowner is focused. You need to work on the sink, floors, cabinets, countertops, and worktops. Have we already told you that granite tile is the best one to build most of your kitchen needs? Well, if you already know this then you are amazingly correct!

Let’s focus on the worktops. There is a reason why you must pay much attention in creating this part of your kitchen because it is just so vital you might want to build it right the first time. It has to be pretty (well, we all want something pretty for our house!), durable, and reliable. Don’t ask why because you know so well that you will perform a lot of tasks on it. From the name itself, you are certainly going to work so much on it! As mentioned above, granite tiles are just the material that we suggest for a worktop. Many people already know this but not the reasons why it’s the top pick. In this article, we are going to list down the reasons why people should definitely opt for this material!


Pros of Using Granite Tiles for your Worktop

  1. As we know, granite tiles come from naturally made igneous rocks, and it means that you are going organic with your worktop. You can not only lay down your foods on your kitchen countertops and worktops without worrying that it will get toxic. There are no harmful chemicals involved or what so ever in granite tiles so you can trust that putting your food on your worktop is safe and organic.

  2. The material is stain proof and who doesn’t want that? Imagine playing with various liquids or juices from foods without worrying that it will ruin your place— isn’t that amazing? You can definitely go ahead and try this cool feature.

  3. It is heat resistant, and you don’t have to think about darkened circles every single time you need to put your pot on top of it. Hotness isn’t its weakness. Keeping your worktop beautiful is not really hard, right?

  4. These igneous rocks organically came out to be beautiful because it comes in a variety of hues. Whether you are playing with colors or just want to keep it gorgeous yet durable, granite tiles are definitely your best friend. You can choose from shades of green, black, grey, white, salmon pink, brown, or why not mix one from the other? It’s never boring with this rock anyway!

  5. It is definitely Because it is a quarried rock material, granite is known for being tough, hard and when we say hard, it is really hard. Also, it is perfect for the purpose of worktops since it will always be very busy and utilized when installed.

  6. Granite tiles come in festive and artistic prints that are unique from one color to the other. It is effortlessly adaptable and can be easily matched to your own home design or choice. It is also good for mixing up with several preferences whether you like it masculine, feminine, clean, dark, or maybe even colorful!

Granite Tiles Worktops Ideas

  1. Do it with Kashmir white granite tiles with cabinets painted in white under it! You can top it off with earth-colored trays or kitchen displays to accentuate the full color of the granite worktop. You can also play along with the colors of the cabinets to match with the white tiles. You can use black, brown, or grey-painted cabinets.

  1. You can try to also be more classical and feel the busyness of granite worktops by opting to use Bianco Antico design. You can mix it with dark features because it’s meant to be that way! Opt for a black sink, faucet, cabinets, and stools. But do not forget to use white kitchenware to project the beauty of this choice. 


  1. If you want to keep it simple yet shiny, try to create a worktop that uses Star Galaxy granite tiles. It literally shines like the galaxy so you are up for a really beautiful worktop. This color perfectly matches with wood and browns. You can also use a black sink to pair with it to maximize its full-color potential. You can also try mixing it with white-painted cabinets. 


  1. If you want your worktop to be sleek and bold at once, try installing Steel Grey granite tiles. It can perfectly match black or white cabinets to it and did we mention it also goes well with aluminum? And silver-colored handles of cabinets? Pair it with white or light-colored kitchenware as usual! It is advisable to opt for dark colors with your worktops to avoid being conscious about it getting dirty, though we already mentioned that granite tiles are yep- stain proof.

  2. Yes, we are definitely going dark in here because our last suggestion is to build worktops that are works of art. And this is with the help of Rocky Mountain granite tiles. We keep saying to choose darkness because well, it’s just flawless for such a busy place. Mix it with brown, black, or white cabinets! The swirls and flow of its print are just so natural it’s as if you are actually working in a pool of silver. Adorable, right? Plus, you get to pair it with silverware, black kitchenware, white plates, and yes, black stools. Now that’s what we call sleek! 

With granite tiles, the possibilities are endless, and you are certainly getting what you paid for so might as well be prepared to get excited once you have it installed! It will last a lifetime people!

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