Granite Shelves: For Storage & Organization

Granite Shelves: For Storage & Organization

If you think that granite only looks elegant in spacious areas, try to consider using this timeless beauty on your shelves and countertops at home or office. Granite has been widely recognized as one of the best material finishes for decades and will continue to become a headmost choice for many enthusiasts and interior designers.


With affordable installation costs, shelving systems with granite stone finish can deliver a cozy atmosphere right at your comfort zone. If properly maintained, granite tiles can be expected to last for centuries. These beautiful tiles will give your home interiors an imposing look apart from helping you cut down your maintenance expenses significantly. Moreover, its durability makes this impressive rock a suitable surface material for various applications like kitchen countertops, cabinet doors, and walls.



Why do granite tiles fit as a better choice?


 Granite tiles are available in different sizes, colors, and patterns as they possess a natural beauty and several distinctive characteristics not found in slabs. The stone texture can provide more value to the present appearance of your bedroom, bathroom and kitchen spaces. Though its installation cost is relatively higher, the granite shelving unit performs better than wallboards, synthetic tiles and stone veneer.


Since granite is available in a variety of colors by nature, you can freely decide what color shades and patterns will suit your preference the best. What's more, you may settle for granite shelves with groove patterns, matte finishes, shiny and semi-gloss surfaces.


Unlike slabs, granite tiles may give you additional color options for your shelves since they are produced in smaller sizes and shapes. The grout is less emphasized as compared to slabs, which gives your furniture a consistent appearance on all sides. Also, granite tiles are easy to clean as they are resistant to acidic cleaning solutions, which usually cause damages on top surfaces.



Better resistance against cracks and bumps


 If you want home shelves that remain unblemished for a long period of time, the granite application seems to be the right answer. Granite shelves can last a lifetime without leaving you worried about hard stains, cracks, and scratches. Its material is completely resistant to extreme temperature changes and water seepage because granite tiles are non-porous. This would lead to less serious damages and prolonged use of your shelves.



General designs of granite shelves


 Installing a shelving system at home is important to organize your personal things or to display family portraits and memorabilia. Shelving systems come in a broad range of designs in accordance with usage, installation method and holding capacity. To give you an idea or hint of how a shelving unit works, you may check out its different styles below:


  1. Built-in plank shelving unit

Built-in shelving units are the most typical shelving system which can be installed anywhere at home. This appears as a simple horizontal plank directly attached to a wall using support brackets. Prior to installation, the granite shelves are either pre-fabricated or constructed on site. In addition, the intended spaces, particularly irregular ones, are carefully measured to make sure the open shelves fit the spot well.


  1. Floating shelving unit

In this system, the shelving unit seems to be hanging in mid-air as the brackets and pins are not visibly seen from outside. The granite shelves are seemingly separated from the wall fasteners, unlike built-in and fixed bracket units. Floating granite shelves are often made of engineered wood or composite materials along with pre-positioned slotted holes dedicated for internal support. This shelving system is often pre-fabricated and may require a professional contractor to handle the installation job.


  1. Non-moving bracket shelving unit  

Commonly referred to as ledge, counter or rack, the granite shelves are often raised off the ground, which are supported with anchor brackets and pins. The brackets can hold up a stand-alone shelf, or you may use a number of supporting brackets to install multi-unit granite shelving. Fixed-type brackets are available in metal or wood materials, which are directly fastened to a wall with visible supporting pins. The bracket supports come in different sizes, and the pins are available in various thicknesses and accommodate all types of shelving units.


Extensively used in home improvement, this method can be applied to any type of shelving units including open shelves, stand-alone, corner granite shelves, console tables, and base cabinets. To fasten them, a drilling tool is required before putting on the brackets. Some base shelves, when being used as tables, are mounted against a wall using bracket supports either concealed or exposed.


  1. Top hung shelving unit

Top hung shelving system looks similar to fixed bracket shelving units, but the installation method is different. This applies a metal bracketing system which is firmly attached to the wall then the shelves are hung directly on it. The top hung shelving unit is suitable for displaying your frequently-used items such as books and personal care products.


  1. Free standing shelving unit

Free standing shelving units, also referred to as stand-alone, are used to secure your personal items or display them in public. These shelving units can be transferred from one place to another without any need of removing a fastener. The free-standing shelving unit also provides you a complete control on sizes, colors and actual design that would match your taste.


  1. Corner-type shelving unit

 A corner-type shelving unit is a practical solution to utilize your inaccessible areas at home. This saves you from consuming too much space since corner shelving can be customized to fit any hard-to-reach location. You may install the corner shelves either floor-based or wall-mounted using the same fastening techniques.


  1. Hanging or suspended shelving unit

Great for modern-looking kitchen, suspended shelving systems are ideal for organizing your cooking utensils, pans, and pots. The shelving unit is seemingly "hanging," and the supporting brackets are fixed on both ceiling and shelves. You might consider this shelving option especially if you're using an island counter at your kitchen.


Granite tiles will always give your home interiors a dignified look, closely resembling the modern looks of hotels and executive lounges today. Since granite shelves are designed resistant to heat exposure, you can expect them to stay beautiful for many years.

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