Granite Kitchen Countertops: Pros and Cons

Granite Kitchen Countertops: Pros and Cons

The kitchen is one of the most important parts of the house. It’s where we start our day during breakfast and the place where we gather and cook for dinner — if you’re looking for ways to enhance your kitchen, choosing the right material is substantial.


Kitchen countertops can definitely enhance the ambiance of a kitchen, and many homeowners opt for granite tiles. Before making a final decision, one must be able first to validate the quality, sustainability, and durability of any material or style that you like to see in your home.


If you’re thinking about having a granite kitchen countertop, below are lists of pros and cons of this material.

The Positives of Granite Kitchen Countertops

Heat resistant

Most kitchen countertops problem is heat but, not for a granite tile material. Granite is heat-resistant that makes your kitchen countertop safe from heat from your cookware or kitchenware. This is ideal especially for homeowners who really love experimenting in the kitchen. If you are still experimenting on your cooking skills and want everything from plates to heated pots before you, worrying about your getting cracks will never be a problem if you have a granite kitchen countertop.


Aside from the fact that they are heat resistant, granites are also stain resistant. Now, cooking on a next level will never be a problem for you if your counter is made of granite.  Make sure to seal it to avoid stain from penetrating.

Scratch proof

It’s indeed a good material as it’s also scratch proof! It’s not prone to scratches so you can go on slicing fruits of veggies instantly. Pretty amazing, isn’t it?

Chemical resistant

Granite tiles are reliable when you worry about chemical spills. Acids and bases won’t damage it, however, be extra careful as seldom exposure to these chemicals may wash out the granite seal.

Appearance and ambiance

Using this type of material are a total beauty in a glance. It has an amazing color combination that appears to be very natural in effect. It gives your kitchen a fresh, unique, and sleek appeal. As granite can vary in hues, you won’t find it hard to choose the right shade for your kitchen. Most of the popular colors are brown or wood, pure white, mid tone or grey, dark or black, and dramatic. Pair it with the best kitchenware and your kitchen is sure to have a cozy yet sophisticated ambiance.

Long lasting

They say that beauty fades and it’s true- except for granite when compared to other material. It can even last a lifetime especially when maintained properly. As it is glossy, colorful, and solid in material, it will surely not just enhance your kitchen’s aura for some time but embellish even for generations.

Organic choice

If you are going for the green, natural stone is a good choice for your kitchen needs. Made from natural materials, it is a great choice for people who want to be healthier. Granite is a “natural choice” for a counter. Even without a chopping board, you can go ahead and chop off those fresh fruits on the go for your picnic trip.

The Negatives of Granite Kitchen Countertops

Stone cold

People love to lean on countertops while drinking or eating, waiting for food to be cooked, or even when talking to someone while in the kitchen. Countertops are cold to lean on, which is annoying for many. Unfortunately, granite tiles are one of these annoying and cold to lean on. For its beauty, it will be a waste to put a mat on. Installing a thin stick-on heating mat under the counter may be an easy solution to your cold-stone problem.


Prone to cracks

Granite kitchen countertops are indeed durable, but it is not unbreakable. Granite kitchen countertops may crack if heavy objects are dropped on it. And when this happened, you might need help from a specialized repair team to fix it. You wouldn’t want to ruin your kitchen’s ambiance with a cracked countertop, right?


Granite Tiles are not as perfect as others think. They are porous if poorly-sealed. Without the right building skills, it might end up getting ugly instead of making a beautiful kitchen counter. It will sip liquids like oils, wines, juices, milk, and other materials which can cause bacteria to build up too.

Precious like a gem

When it’s said to be as a precious as a gem, it means that kitchen countertops can be very costly. For starters, its price varies from $100-$250 per square foot depending on where you get your supply of tiles. In total, it may cost you $3000-$4500 in material alone- this excludes professional installation fees. If you will compare it to with likes of laminate, Marbelite or Corian, and other countertop materials, opting for a granite material is obviously pricey especially if you let professionals do the installation.

Granite Kitchen Countertop: Yes or No?

Based on what's mentioned above, granite is one of the top choices used by people besides being cheap; it’s also easy to maintain. You can always opt for a DIY when setting up a countertop on your kitchen for lesser costs.

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