Floor Tiles: Increase the Retail Value of any Living Space

Floor Tiles: Increase the Retail Value of any Living Space

Tile flooring has made every home space look amazing on top of making your home resilient to environmental changes. In fact, tile has been regarded as an ideal flooring option due to its design flexibility among other popular flooring materials.


The Remarkable Beauty of Granite Tiles


When considering the best flooring finish available, granite is one of the most adaptable flooring options to get for both interior and exterior home spaces. This natural stone isn't sold too expensive, and you can select your desired thickness based on intended use. What's best about granite is that the stone material can increase the retail value of any living space whether for residential or commercial purposes.


Granite tiles are known for their increased aesthetic value, pattern and color variations, and more importantly, resistance capacity to withstand heavy usage and water seepage. That's why people opt to install granite tiles when planning their next renovation project.


Garage and Carport Application


Granite tiles are absolutely great for garage and other parking spaces surrounding your main house. This natural stone is highly resistant to rainwater, direct sunlight, contaminants and rapid temperature changes that generally happen outside. The thickness of the granite tile is one of the key elements in selecting the appropriate tile design. Thicker tiles, like 1/2 or 3/4 inch, are strong enough to carry the load of your car.


Thicker granite tiles may also seem helpful if you have built-in fixtures and equipment like lawnmower and machine tools kept in the garage. For contemporary designs, the Bainbrook brown or topical brown granite tiles are best suitable in beautifying your garage interior. But you may consider absolute black or delicatus white granite stones if your garage is designed with metal accents.


Landscape Edging, Courtyard, and Outdoor Walkway Applications


The combination of stone and natural landscape can make outdoor spaces look more relaxing and exciting. Even though granite is known for having a "hard" character, it can still provide your home with a distinctive look that can draw public attention.


Granite tiles are suitable as transitional materials for landscape edging, which separates your landscape features from patios, porches, and lanais. Regardless of what granite tile design you decide to install, they are expected to hold off very well against high traffic, moisture, heat and outdoor contaminants. That's because granite tiles are non-porous and durable in nature, making them resistant to any moving weight and dampness.


In most outdoor settings, the stone counteracts water absorption, unlike travertine and slate stone finishes. What's more, these stone flooring options come in a wide array of beautiful colors and patterns that can make every outdoor space look stunning. Exciting colors like Tropical Green, Peach Almond, Bainbrook Brown, and Seafoam Green can surely provide the aesthetic value you want around your house.


Living and Dining Area Applications


Since granite tiles come in a diversified range of exciting colors and patterns, it's easier to decide on which tile design may suit a particular space. In fact, living areas aren't heavily exposed to dampness and heat as compared to the kitchen, bathroom, and outdoor spaces. However, the projected number of occupants should be considered when choosing granite tiles as these tile floorings may be subjected to cracks in times of heavy usage.


When selecting patterns and colors, the granite tiles should create a luminous contrasting effect against the wall accents and ceiling details. Also, darker granite tiles tend to establish a more "enclosed" atmosphere around the living area, making it appear smaller.


Granite tiles are sold in different surface finishes by your intended use or frequency of use. You can select the polished ones if you like granite designs with better light reflective properties to go along with ambient lighting fixtures. If you're more concerned with safety, opt for honed or flamed granite tile finishes, but they may require a consistent cleaning schedule to prolong their lifespan and limit their stain marks. With regard to contemporary home styles, you may consider Aphrodite tan brown, Verde butterfly or Kashmir white to complement the rest of your interior details.


Dream Kitchen Applications


It's no brainer that any kitchen is heavily exposed to all forms of environmental factors. No matter how cautious you are in using the kitchen, your tile flooring would never be spared from experiencing oil spills, object drops, and feet stamps. Fortunately, granite tiles are able to withstand heavy usage without leaving you worried about stains and water absorption.


Granite tiles may provide the best protection for the surface underneath the tiles while making your kitchen surroundings look astounding. The designs for granite tiles seem endless, so you can just mix and match the colors you want along with your current kitchen appliances and cabinetry. However, make sure to use lighter colors to make your kitchen space wider from afar. You may consider Sardinian white, Sesame Grey, Rosa Beta, Blue Pearl, and Kashmir white among other exciting colors.



Bathroom Floor Installation


When talking about water spills and heat exposure, the condition of the bathroom is quite similar to the kitchen except for food spills. Bathroom floors are heavily exposed to running water and residues of personal care products, possibly leaving stains in the process. This is why granite tiles are suitable to hold off water seepage, bacterial growth, and stain build-up.


You can select your desired colors and patterns for bathroom floors with no limitations. However, you need to consider safety by choosing honed or flamed surface finishes to prevent accidents of slipping. Granite tiles are exceptionally durable and non-porous, so water is expected to be repelled effectively. With regard to tile designs, there are many different colors and patterns to choose from like Bainbrook Brown, Peach Almond, Rosa Beta, Kashmir White, and others.


Apart from these mentioned home spaces, you can also install granite tiles on various locations like indoor hallways, family room, music room or just about any area you would like to enhance. This is the kind of solution that you may consider when you only want a flooring material that you can depend on. The most important thing is to make a "relaxing" contrasting effect between the floor tiles and other components in terms of color and texture.


Granite tiles won't become out of style despite the proliferation of other flooring options today. Its diverse color and pattern variations would always provide a comfortable atmosphere you would love to see in every space of your home.

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