Fireplace Mantel: Granite the Perfect Complement

Fireplace Mantel: Granite the Perfect Complement

It’s winter time again, and you are probably locked up in your home right now, watching Netflix, drinking hot chocolate or maybe brandy? We have different ways to warm ourselves up during winter, but there is one thing that we are used to having even in other seasons. Do you know what it is? It’s none other than the fireplace! A fireplace is the most amazing accent you can put in your living room, and this is not only because of its warmth- the beauty it brings is what makes it a favorite among homeowners.

Fireplaces serve multiple functions, and it’s even the most important part of the house during Christmas because Santa drops after passing through the chimney (this is for the traditional fireplaces!). Families and friends always gather in front of fireplaces to share stories, memories, a bottle of wine or champagne, and create more lovely experiences. The reality that fireplaces are astonishingly gorgeous and functional also, reciprocates the fact that you should invest in it. You can build one in your vacation or residential home, or even in condominiums.


Selecting Materials for a Fireplace

You may want to be sure your fireplace is not just pretty but durable as well. Making the right selection of materials is highly valuable so you won’t have to spend so much after with maintenance or repairs. One of the important things in building a fireplace is its mantel. Fireplaces need mantels for it serves as the outer layer as well as the casing that will mostly be the main attraction of your living room. Yes, the fire is pretty itself, but the frame or mantel is still the highlight.  Choosing granite is a great choice. Granite tiles cost $7-$10 per tile, but if you look holistically, you can definitely say that its price is justifiable for its quality- for there are a lot of reasons as to why we say that it is your best choice.


Reasons Why Granite is Perfect for your Fireplace Mantel

We all know that granite has a lot of usage inside our homes and even our gardens, walkways, and driveways. It can be used as kitchen countertops, shelves, bathroom vanity top, kitchen backsplash, flooring, walls, and finally as a fireplace mantel. For many years, granite tiles had topped the list of the choices for building such home parts. The reason for it? You might want to sit still and read the list!

  1. Granite tiles come in different colors, designs, and patterns. So whatever interior design or theme for your home, you’ll find one granite tile style that perfectly matches it. It comes in shades of white, grey, blue, brown, black, and even salmon pink! And since it is derived using natural quarrying, you are sure to get unique designs and patterns for each tile you purchase. Amazing abstract art is what granite tiles offer. So, if you aim to build an eye-catching fireplace, opt for granite tiles for your fireplace mantel!
  2. Granite tiles are unmistakably durable. Since granite is made from natural rocks, it is hard, tough, and extremely durable. You won’t have to worry about anything that may bump in your fireplace mantel and have it ruined.
  3. Granite is heat resistant. Once you opted for granite tiles, you are making a sure investment. Fire is destructive, hot, fierce, and having a heat resistant mantel adds life to your lovely fireplace. You don’t want to ruin such a beautiful living room accent, right?
  4. Worried about getting dirt on your fireplace mantel? Well, it’s not necessary to worry at all if you have granite tiles in it! Granite, as amazing as it already is, is stain proof. Getting it dirty isn’t what granite tiles are for.
  5. You get what you pay for when you invest on granite tiles. Beautiful things are often expensive, and we respect that especially with granite materials. But aside from being beautiful, granite tiles are also versatile and durable. Kitchen countertops’ best choice is granite, and it’s because of its hardness and other benefits. With granite tiles, you are sure that your fireplace will last many years upon installing.
  6. Granite is chemical proof also. When you use granite tiles, you don’t have to worry if you will use cleaning materials to make it shine, though granite is already shining on its own!
  7. Lastly, granite is spill proof, too! There will come a time that you are feeling emotional or just want to relax in front of your fireplace, and you decide to open a bottle of wine or champagne, put the glass above it and worry no more about ruining your granite tiles.


Trending Granite Tile Selection for Fireplace Mantel:

There is a wide selection of granite tiles, but there will always be those that are tagged as the fairest of them all. All granite tiles design and colors are truly intricate in beauty, and all are equal with quality. But, lowering the number of choices can help you select the one that is fit for your homestyle and taste. Here the top three:


Rustic Granite

Since this is rusty and very Earthly in hue, it is a great match for fire. The heart of the fire reflects in a magical way when you use rustic granite as your fireplace mantel. Added to this is the masculinity it projects- very fiery!


Spectrus Granite

Want to be in the universe while watching your fire burn? Somebody calls 911 because Spectrus granite tile is going to burn your eyes with its beauty and lustrous effect with the fire! The burning fire inside it will act as Mr. Sun that centers your Spectrus granite-made fireplace mantel. Hello, Universe in your living room!


Bianco Antico Granite

Feeling a little bit of sentimental? Let the beauty of Bianco Antico granite tile emit its sophistication with the help of our fire element. The Bianco Antico granite tiles used as fireplace mantel suits houses that are serene and pristine in theme.

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