5 Custom Bathroom Vanity Tops

5 Custom Bathroom Vanity Tops

Bathroom vanity tops and vanity kits are all created because humans are naturally “vain.” We always want to make sure we look good or presentable, and it often starts after taking a shower. The crime scene is at, none other than, the bathroom. Vanity tops are one of the busiest parts of the bathroom, and we visit it in the morning, before we sleep, or maybe even every moment you pass by it.

Custom bathroom vanity tops are one of the trends in homes nowadays. Homeowners and business owners are starting to make sure they have luxurious-looking vanity tops in their bathroom. Customizing one's bathroom vanity tops may cost around $65 a square foot, including installation. You also might want to pay attention to other materials such as the faucets, mirror, drawers, and other additional fixtures needed to achieve your desired customized vanity top.

5 Custom Bathroom Vanity Tops Designs

There is a variety of custom bathroom vanity top designs nowadays, but there will always be those leading the list. Planning to customize your bathroom vanity top? Check out first the top five designs for inspiration and figure out the best materials to achieve it! 

Vessel Vanity Tops Design

Commonly used in hotel and restaurant’s bathrooms, Vessel Vanity Tops design is genius and stylish in one. The vanity tops’ material is usually different from the vessel sink’s material. Bear in mind that it is advisable to play along with the color combination of the vanity top and sink. They should not be of the same color to accentuate the stylishness of the Vessel Vanity Top.

Cut-Out Vanity Tops Design

While the Integrated Vanity Tops’ sink basin is connected directly and shaped from the vanity top, the Cut-Out vanity top design is the opposite. From its name you can imagine that the sink basin’s material is definitely different from the vanity top’s. The vanity tops of this kind require a cutout opening where the sink basin will be installed. The sink design is either for drop-in installation or an undermount sink attached just below the lip of the hole or cutout design.

Integrated Vanity Tops Design

This style includes the sink basin in the vanity top. Usually, the sink is already molded in the vanity top making it an official part of the vanity top. The sink is made with the same material used in the vanity top, making the two appear connected as one. The unique approach of Integrated Vanity Tops design is the reason why it’s enlisted as the top custom bathroom vanity tops styles of the modern day.

Single Basin Cut-Out Vanity Tops Design

This cut-out vanity tops design is installed with a single-centered opening for a separate sink. This type of vanity tops design is widely available and easy to purchase. You can definitely DIY your custom bathroom vanity top! Because of its versatility, you can go ahead and find the sink of your choice to be paired with it. You may also opt for a Double Basin Cut-Out Vanity Tops design- the features are the same except for the additional basin on the side. It can also be custom-ordered and is longer in space, perfectly paired with drawers below. Another tip to remember: You have to make sure you’ll get help when installing it even if you are aiming for a DIY session!

Double Bowl Integrated Vanity Tops Design

This vanity top design is placed with two basins, made from solid-surface material. The only difference of this style from the Integrated Vanity Tops design is the additional basin, but technically, they are all fused and connected directly from the vanity top’s surface. The advantage of this style is the uniformity it offers. Sadly, if ever a part of the sink is damaged, you may have to fix or replace the entire double bowl vanity top.

Top Materials for Custom Bathroom Vanity Tops

Now you have chosen the vanity top design for you; it’s time to check out the materials that can make your custom bathroom vanity top sophisticated, durable, and beautiful! For starters, you have to determine your budget first and choose from either one of these top bathroom vanity tops’ materials leading the market for years:

  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Quartz
  • Solid-Surface
  • Concrete
  • Laminate
  • Recycled Glass
  • Tile
  • Laminate
  • Butcher-Block

The list can go on, and you can even try to explore by using different materials for each vanity top you have at home if ever you have more than one bathroom. Marble is made the top because it offers a wide range of designs and colors which can fit styles from chic to elegant. Quartz also made the top for its value and durability. Granite, on the other hand, surpassed all other materials for years and as to why it keeps being on top? Let us find out!

Why Choose Granite for Custom Bathroom Vanity Tops?

Granite reigns as the best material for vanity tops, and there are justifiable reasons why it keeps hitting the top every year. Granite is stain, spill, and scratch proof making it less susceptible to damages and cracks. Added to these facts is each granite slab contains artistic and unique designs, patterns, and hues. This material effortlessly creates an elegant effect for every vanity top design you have in mind.

Now, regarding its value for money. Granite is well-known for its high price, but the mere fact that it’s highly durable and hard makes it a worthy investment. Ironing or blow drying your hair? Granite is not that weak to such heated materials! Are you experimenting on that Halloween makeup? No need to worry- fortunately, has stain proof feature which assures the vanity top is safe from any makeup or paint stains! Now that’s what a feature all vanity tops must have! When you decided to use granite for your custom bathroom vanity top, rest assured that color and pattern choices aren’t limited to one, because granite can always match your vanity when it comes to bathroom designs!

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