5 Best Tips for Selecting Tiles

5 Best Tips for Selecting Tiles

Updating a room’s tile flooring is like getting a whole new room. You are so excited to see the afresh renovated room with the newly installed tiles. You look forward to transforming your interior into a vivacious and beautiful abode that charms everyone to its unique and timeless look.

But what if…you made the wrong choice? What if you’ve found that the furniture and flooring don’t match? The excitement and delight for the “new look” faded in just a snap.

We don’t want you to see yourself in such a scenario, so Tiles For My Home is pleased to share with you a bunch of the most helpful tips for choosing tiles for your home interior.

If you don’t know where to start, don’t worry! Here are some key guidelines to make things smoother and easier.

Important Things to Consider When You’re Choosing Tiles

  1. Think about the Style of Your Home – Everyone around you has their own ideas, but what matters most is the vision and dream that you have for your own place. Have a look through magazines, and online for images of tiles you like. The inspiration is endless.
  2. Consider the tile size – Square tile sizes have the advantage of being really easy to work with. The rectangular and subway tiles come in a range of different sizes through the most standard options. Square tiles, large rectangular floor tiles are great for enhancing a large room or making a smaller space larger, whilst rectangular and subway tiles add great texture to a floor that makes space cozier.
  3. Favor the size of the room – Large tiles make a room feel larger and lighter. If you have a small space, light-colored tiles will make the room feel bigger. If you have a large room, you have more options, you can pick from light to dark tiles. Also, the size of the floor tile determines how many grout lines are shown on the flooring, the fewer grout lines can form an illusion of more space which is great for tight spaces.

floor tiles with fewer grout lines

  1. Look for the texture and pattern – Granite is a very dense stone which makes it very durable and reliable material to use for any room. It is an ideal option for kitchen countertops, lobby, or everywhere else in your home that often get stained or scratched through daily use. Its surface can be additionally covered and coated with anti-slip that protects from slips and falls. It also adds brightness to your home and its good resistance comes from the fact that it is formed by cooling after previously being pressurized. 
  2. See the correct color tile – Light colored granite tiles open up spaces and make them feel bigger. The color grey such as sesame grey and mountain grey provides a durable alternative to concrete flooring. They create a neutral base color to which bold color soft furnishings can be added. These tiles can offer depth in modern industrial looking setting. These tiles can also endow depth in modern industrial looking setting. When it comes to the bathroom, especially the small bathroom or does not have natural light, you can improve it by installing light color tile. White, sand, beige, creams are all good choices. Sardinian white would be a good match for this application as it creates an airy, spacious atmosphere. Using the same color wall tiles as the floor tiles can enrich the feeling of spaciousness.same color floor and wall tiles

It is always thrilling to make enhancements to your home and take pride in the way it looks. There is a wide selection to choose the perfect tile for your interior. But don’t let this overwhelming options take the wind out of your sails. The tips above can help you understand the different types of floor tile, narrow your search and end up to a beautiful result.



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