Best Kitchen Flooring Tiles and Trends

Best Kitchen Flooring Tiles and Trends

The kitchen is one important space at home you should not take for granted particularly the floors. Is there anything more interesting than making your kitchen flooring look pleasing to your eyesight? Kitchen remodeling isn't easy, and you need the brightest ideas on the market to achieve what exactly you want for your most frequently-used space.


Enhance your cooking experience with these exciting kitchen flooring trends for 2019:


Marble stone


You can't get more natural with your kitchen flooring than marble. Marble can offer you wide variations of colors and exciting patterns to match just about any kitchen interior from farmhouse to rustic. Expect this natural beauty to complement your cooking mood without the hassles of surface damage and stain build-up.


Rubber flooring


Don't think that rubber flooring is only limited to gymnasiums and concert halls. With this non-slippery option, you enjoy the same feeling similar to cork flooring, but you get more options for textures and colors. This might be one of the most suitable flooring options for you if you spill a lot of substances to the floor.


Peach almond granite tiles


Peach almond granite tiles complement just about any kitchen with a feminine touch. This granite tile design features a dazzling combination of black, peach, almond brown and shades of grey. Even though the tile is light in color, the granite itself is resistant enough to withstand moisture and heat presence, making it suitable for indoor and outdoor environments. It can definitely stand against freezing temperatures, so you can also use this in cold locations.


Herringbone tile flooring


Herringbone pattern may sound classic for some, but the pattern could add a visible depth of texture that you wouldn't find elsewhere. Herringbone will stay on trend as the geometric pattern will never go out of style. You can even create your own herringbone pattern by mixing and matching different tones of kitchen tiles or wood laminate.


Sesame grey granite tiles


Sesame grey can add a little twist in just about any kitchen color scheme. Its vibrant combination of colors including white makes this gorgeous tile design great for driveways, pool surroundings, and courtyards. Interestingly, sesame grey features a unique bush-hammered finish that offers a distinctive rough texture to make your kitchen safe from slips.


Waterproof vinyl tiles


Waterproof vinyl is no longer limited to warehouses as these gorgeous wood-like patterns have made their way to the hearts of kitchen lovers. The wood plastic composite (WPC) tiles resemble an upgraded laminate floor, providing a natural wood-like impression for your kitchen. The best thing about this trending floor is that the tiles are made solid, low maintenance and come in a broad range of wood patterns.


Engineered wood planks


With its unique appearance, engineered wood flooring will never go out of style in modern times. An innovative version of laminate, this trending wood floor becomes a great alternative option to solid wood since engineered wood is practically made of real wood. With no refinishing process required, engineered wood can offer your kitchen the gorgeous look in just about every wood pattern you see on the market.


Bamboo flooring


As an eco-friendly alternative, the bamboo flooring can create a distinctive farmhouse setting for your kitchen. Bamboo is unquestionably strong, which makes it ideal for the kitchen since it can withstand heavy usage and floor spills. This natural material doesn't absorb heat and allows better ventilation around the area. Unfortunately, the color shades are limited, and bamboo is vulnerable to moisture, scratch and water absorption.


Handscraped flooring


The hand-scraped wood appearance instantly makes a kitchen space look luxurious and wider. It absolutely adds a unique character that easily blends with rustic and industrial kitchen themes. Handscraped also seems appealing to the younger generation of homeowners today. You can find this amazing finish in engineered wood, solid wood, ceramic tiles, and laminate.


Espresso dark wood flooring


Espresso dark wood is your suitable option if you want to create a fascinating color contrast juxtaposed against the walls and kitchen cabinets. Dark colors, in fact, enhance the elegance of any space, providing you a warm and cozy atmosphere. This flooring option also provides the sleek profile that sets the tone for the minimalist approach of your kitchen. However, dark color tends to make the kitchen look "enclosed."


Wire brushed wood flooring


Wire brushed looks appealing to the new age of kitchen users because of its attractive "unfinished" appearance. This flooring finish adds texture and character to just about any kitchen design and decor. Moreover, the wire brushed floor hides the dirt, so you don't need to be bothered cleaning the kitchen more often except for oil spills.


Bainbrook brown granite tiles


Bainbrook brown could be the perfect choice if you're aspiring for a kitchen style that appears in between modern and contemporary. Bainbrook brown granite is a stunning variation of medium brown with black, gray and cream flecks. This solid natural stone is available in tiles or slabs which make it ideal for countertops, hot tubs aside from kitchen flooring.


Distressed wood flooring


Creating the tone with a kitchen floor that provides a historic feel makes the cooking time worth remembering. Distressed flooring is adaptable to any kitchen design whether you want to play around with brick backsplashes, farmhouse settings or natural stone. Distressed wood floor won't become out-of-date, and it will most likely continue to hit the market in years to come.


Sardinian white granite


Sardinian White granite has a consistent texture and shade of color that would make any kitchen appear elegant and expensive. This trending natural stone looks beautiful when combined with just any style from old-fashion to rustic. The surface is not as slippery as other flooring options, making it suitable for heavy usage.


Rosa Beta granite tiles


This natural stone design delivers every contemporary home interior a cozy atmosphere of "classicism." The unique combination of freckled pink, gray and black instantly gives your precious kitchen the inducing effect you always want. But more importantly, the granite remains consistent in counteracting water spills, heat, and moisture surrounding your kitchen.

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