Bathroom Floor Ideas: Five Designs Using Granite Tiles

Bathroom Floor Ideas: Five Designs Using Granite Tiles

The bathroom is our safe haven at home. Why? It’s where you take a hot bath after a stressful day, fix yourself before going to work, and think about stuff while sitting on a throne and that’s the toilet bowl, of course! Amazingly, we know that it is a place where we can be ourselves and be free without any filter or pretention, and this is the fair reason why we make sure it is comfortable to use, and oftentimes, we want it to be beautiful as well.

One of the most important parts of building your bathroom is the floor tiles. You have to make sure that your bathroom floor tiles will complement your desired style and that it’s also pretty and safe to walk on, too. One of the top choices for bathroom floor tiles are granite tiles, and the reason for this can go on a long list. But before you decide on selecting granite for your bathroom floor, let us enumerate the available designs that will give you a hard time choosing!


10 Bathroom Floor Ideas Using Granite Tiles

Idea 1: The Classic

Looking for a serene yet bold bathroom floor tiles? You can use brown colored granite tiles to renovate or build your bathroom. What is remarkable about having brown-colored granite tiles for your bathroom is it gives a classical effect. The classical setting is always relaxing and provides the ambiance of being in the old centuries (while being in the present world) with modern designs and bathroom fixtures. As mentioned above, we would like everyone to have a feel-good experience every time they use their bathrooms.

Idea 2: Dramatic in Black

Bathrooms are commonly thought to be white or light in color. But what if you want it to be gothic and black? Need not to worry because dramatically black bathroom using granite is 100% possible. Mongolia black granite tiles will be a good choice for a dark-themed bathroom. More to this is, using black for bathroom floor tiles is totally a great idea for its sophistication and uniqueness. You can also mix it with white walls, counters, or sinks! Black is always beautiful even for bathroom floor tiles!

Idea 3: Glorious in White

The best thing about using granite tiles is they come with different shades and unique styles that will fit anyone’s taste for a beautiful bathroom. Yes, bathrooms are often white, but we can elevate it to the next level and make it “glorious in white.” If you want to have a white-themed bath but never intend to spend too much time cleaning, Rosa Beta granite or Sardinian white granite tiles will be your best bets for bathroom floor tiles. You can mix it with all-white walls and fixtures without making it look like a hospital facility because granite naturally contains intricate and random design patterns with every tile. Meaning, you will have a gloriously white bathroom with a touch of artistic patterns of gray, black, and bits of beige.

Idea 4:  Fifty Shades of Grey

Ever wonder how Christian Grey’s bathroom looks like? In the movie, you might have noticed he liked it masculine by using the gray and black combination. Right at this moment of dreaming about being on the same bath with your ultimate billionaire crush Christian is also the perfect time to decide to go gray with your bathroom floor tiles. Black pearl granite, Sesame grey, and Sardinian granite tiles will be some of your granite floor choices of material. They are dark yet clean in appearance and is easy to mix with white walls, dark painted cabinets, and some earth colored bathroom fixtures. You can also opt for an all gray granite tiled-bathroom design for a sophisticated and sexy feels every single moment you enter your gray (bath) room of pleasure.

Idea 5: Into the Woods

It’s amazing how granite can match with almost every adorable and modern bathroom design, whether for renovated or new ones. One design that never fades out of style has wooden cabinets and fixtures in the bathroom. This is applicable both for new house models or even for your traditional vacation home in Aspen or Boulder. You can match either Sesame grey granite or Rose Beta granite with your wood-themed bathroom. It can be used both for flooring and walls. The natural effect of these granite designs is astonishingly refreshing yet classic in style. One will never get tired of appreciating this amazing combination for sure!

The Best Granite Tiles for These Five Bathroom Floor Ideas

Black Pearl Granite – This dark yet crystalline granite version is a mid-range granite priced at $7.30 per square foot. It is cheaper compared to other granites and can be easily paired with several bathroom fixtures and built-in cabinets. You can also rely on it both for flooring and walling designs. It suits sophisticated tastes and perfect for modernly designed bathrooms.

Rose Beta Granite – This pinkish granite can match a girly powder room or a femme inspired bathroom. It gives a gentle, artistic, and perfect exterior design to your bathroom floors even to your counters and walls! The pinkish shade is not boring at all because instantaneously, it mixes with gray, black, and beige spots.

Mongolia Black Granite – Is your ultimate dark partner in creating a sleek bathroom floor. It is fortunately high in quality but affordable. The Mongolia Black Granite which comes from the Inner Mongolia province of China is known for its versatile use for tombstones, tiles, slab, monument, stairs, etc — taking advantage of it to be your bathroom floor tiles is a good choice because it’s not expensive like other granite tiles. As mentioned in the designs above, it can be mixed with various bathroom styles and looks extremely astonishing when mixed with mirrors and white bathroom fixtures.

Sardinian White Granite – Extracted straight from Italy, this granite design is not just perfectly adorable for bathroom floor tiles but for tops, walls, counters, and residential flooring, too. Its name suggests how adaptable it can be within your house, but rest assure its overall effect as your bathroom floor tiles are equally beautiful.

Sesame Grey Granite – Subtle and sleek in style, Sesame Grey Granite is exceptional for interior and exterior designs. And if you are aiming for a simple yet elegant bathroom floor tiles, this greyish-white granite variety is your great option. You can also use it for your overall bathroom setting with walls, tops, and counters.

Why Choose Granite?

The reasons why you should choose granite for your bathroom floor tiles are impressive. Granite tiles are easy to clean and maintain. Granites are stain and scratch proof, making it more durable and the best choice for bathroom tiles. Most bathroom tiles’ problems are stains, scratches, and cracks- and all of these are immediately solved if one will opt for granite as their bathroom floor tiles. More to that, granite is not just the best choice for bathroom floor tiles but for vanity tops, bathroom counters, bathroom walls, vanity tops, and even as bathtub surrounds as well. There are plenty of granite tile designs and patterns to choose from but whichever you go for will definitely be a wise investment!

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