25 Amazing Backsplash Tile Ideas

25 Amazing Backsplash Tile Ideas

Combining your countertops with a backsplash could create an awesome barrier between the walls and greasy substances. Not only that, but a backsplash is also meant for aesthetic purposes to complement the rest of your kitchen interiors.


Playing with colors can be scary if you don't know how to match a backsplash tile with your current kitchen spaces. There are also numerous tile materials to choose from like stone, glass, wood, ceramic and metal, by which all come in different styles. That's why you need to know the 25 best backsplash tile ideas to help you choose the appropriate one for your dream kitchen. Find out below:


  1. General stone tile


In recent years, the stone tile has become a hot trend for homeowners who prefer a rustic appearance for their kitchen. A stone tile is not only used for exterior living spaces but also indoors. Available materials include marble, limestone, and granite. The bold look of real stone gives your kitchen a unique "European-inspired" theme, providing you a cozy surrounding while cooking.


  1. Brick veneer


The brick tile provides your kitchen the rustic feel you want even if you haven't used an exposed brick. This veneer material is easy to install using construction adhesives. Since brick veneer is thin enough, it's easier to run the tile around the electrical outlets and cabinets to give your kitchen surroundings a clean look.


  1. Moroccan tile


The Moroccan tile is best installed to the area above your cooking range, giving you an incredible feeling about arts. It provides an impression of elegance to an off-white or warm gray kitchen.


  1. Golden marble tile


Marble tile absolutely makes any kitchen interior impressive in front of others. This natural stone would appear incredible with your stone countertop and light blue cabinetry. Play with different textures so your kitchen won't appear too dull, particularly if you prefer an all-white kitchen. The Calacatta Gold marble tile is an example of an excellent backsplash tile that could match any kitchen design.


  1. New floral


Printed floral patterns in porcelain tiles have now become an obsolete thing. That's because tile manufacturers have found a way to create dimensional shapes that make any flower design look real. Floral patterns will surely complement an all-white kitchen with wood furniture.


  1. Glossy black


The dark hue of this backsplash makes it ideal to match your granite flooring and stainless steel kitchen appliances. This decorative tile features a "black pepper" pattern that resembles the granite material. It blends gorgeously with modern accents and industrial themes, making it suitable for an urban lifestyle.


  1. Palm beach tile


Nothing beats the color of coastlines like blue sky and beach sands. This beautiful backsplash shouldn't be made basic especially if your kitchen is visible from other home spaces. Palm Beach also adds beauty on your oak cabinetry.


  1. Polished granite


If you wish your backsplash to draw some attention, the polished granite can be your top pick. Its glossy appearance provides better light reflections that allow your granite backsplash to become attractive. The polished granite also looks elegant with white cabinetry and metal accent, making it highly flexible on any design theme.


  1. Professional grade


The stainless steel backsplash is a perfect example of a "professional" grade backsplash to counteract heavy splatters. You can find this tile in a restaurant or commercial kitchens. Also, this backsplash idea is suitable for kitchen interiors with a modern accent. Available materials include aluminum, hardwood, and cultured marble.


  1. Outdoor tile


This durable backsplash may feature similar characteristics with stone and bricks, which are used for exterior spaces. An outdoor tile brings you a rustic feel or turns your kitchen space into vintage-style in some cases.


  1. Gold-striped Calacatta marble tiles


Make your wet bar look elegant and sophisticated with Gold-striped Calacatta marble tiles. White cabinetry will definitely complement this marble beauty. Try to arrange this in a sunburst pattern near the window to make your kitchen brighter.


  1. Burnt orange


Burnt orange can make any interior kitchen look like "country-style." Don't be afraid to experiment with colors because this backsplash can make your kitchen space warm and eye-catching. It's advisable to purchase all-white appliances to achieve better color matching.


  1. Trevor Tondor


This-bold blue backsplash creates a unique color contrast against surrounding white cabinetry and stainless steel appliances. It provides a cozy atmosphere that would make your cooking experience worth remembering.


  1. Faux Tile


Faux tiling is an inexpensive way to add the appearance of wall tiles on any wall surface. In fact, faux delivers you a variety of backsplash tiling options from smooth surfaces to the rustic look. It adds richness and texture that would make your kitchen look appealing. However, its capacity to resist greasy substances is not as efficient as the solid tile.


  1. Flamed granite


If you like a "faded" appearance for your kitchen, make use of the flamed granite, which complements the beauty of wood cabinetry and fixtures a lot. This backsplash tile appears rougher than any other type of stone materials but looks very natural. This granite material can withstand heavy moisture, heat content and dampness surrounding the kitchen areas. Also, a broad range of colors and styles is available to match any color scheme.


  1. Mirrored tiles


Mirrored tiles help in reflecting lights throughout your kitchen space. This will maximize the available lights, particularly if you don't have enough windows. This backsplash tile can make your kitchen look radiant, and it's suitable for vintage styles and all-white kitchen.


  1. Floral fabric


Floral motifs are still the best option if you want an "English" country-style kitchen. The floral backsplash is the ideal design if you have white cabinetry and wood furniture in the kitchen. It's recommended to keep the rest of the colors "neutral," so your kitchen won't look like a fairytale scene. Since you will see floral patterns in some areas, consider not to get a stainless steel cooking range or silver-colored refrigerator.


  1. Honed granite Tile


The honed granite backsplash is just the opposite of polished granite. It doesn't reflect any light source as opposed to what polished granites can do, but the honed granite doesn't make it less resistant to water spills. Also, hundreds of tile designs and patterns are flooding the market, so matching this backsplash tile with your existing kitchen shouldn't give you a hard time.


  1. Chevron Tile


Chevron designs for the backsplash are endless, and you can always find a suitable pattern that would match your kitchen interior.

Any backsplash tile with a chevron pattern will definitely make your kitchen bold and enriched. On top of this, you can create your own distinctive patterns by mixing dark colors with plain patterns and white cabinetry. That's why if you have an all-white kitchen, you can make use of the chevron tile as wall borders or accent elements.


  1. Blue Nautical


Nautical designs often feature blue colors as their base color. This backsplash is a perfect choice if you live near a coastline. The best thing is, this tile design goes well with white cabinetry and warm gray kitchen.


  1. Metallic


Almost similar to professional grade, a metallic backsplash is ideal for heavy kitchen usage like restaurants and outdoor bars. Its "subtle" shine truly complements your stainless steel appliances while making your entire kitchen appear modernized. This tile is typically made of brushed aluminum and appears in limited colors. But it complements copper, bronze and gold colors perfectly, making the metallic backsplash suitable for modern accent themes.


  1. Vintage Tile


Are you bringing your kitchen back to another era? Let the vintage backsplash tile do it for you. Its traditional appearance provides you with an impressive backdrop that allows you to remember the old times. Even though it looks modern, the vintage collection of backsplash designs is fully capable of matching any color schemes and existing kitchen appliances.


  1. Masculine Gray


Don't think that gray is dull as it can make any kitchen space astounding. This backsplash option will fit perfectly on a modern accent and all-white kitchen theme. Also, pair it with granite flooring to create color contrast around the kitchen.


  1. Antique Tile


Perfect for vintage lovers, antique patterns create a wonderful "vintage" look for your kitchen. This decorative backsplash would make an excellent backdrop around your kitchen walls, which makes it ideal for 17th-century farmhouses and rustic themes.


  1. Art Deco


The art deco style can bring out the elegance of your kitchen space using geometric shapes, bold colors and sharp lines. To attain cohesiveness, selecting the color shades that will create some contrasting effects with this pattern would be the key. This backsplash alternative is available in various tile designs and materials at an affordable cost.

Aside from the above-mentioned backsplash ideas, you can also find thousands of breathtaking tile designs on the internet. What's more important is to determine your preferred theme first before finalizing your choice of colors and patterns you'd like to integrate.


Installing a backsplash can help you express the kind of style you want for bathrooms and kitchen. Indeed, it never fails to create a distinctive personality into the kitchen motif of your choice.

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